Premiere: Francis Xavier and Neu-Romancer Collaborate For Melodic and Dark “Hold Me To It” Release

Francis Xavier Neu-Romancer
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 31, 2020

Premiere: Francis Xavier and Neu-Romancer Collaborate For Melodic and Dark “Hold Me To It” Release

Techno wizard Francis Xavier has let’s another genie out of the bottle with a little help from friend and foe Neu-Romancer in way of ‘Hold You To It’. A deep, dark, rolling amalgamation with a touch of sorcery set to satisfy all late-night lovers desires.

His latest dose of techno medicine is equally melodic and electronic, with a low end leaving nothing to the imagination but the workings of his witchcraft. Haunting keys from Francis Xavier creep into this complex composition whilst infectious vocals from Neu-Romancer sound out the spell. If you like it a little darker, a little deeper, the extended edit could be more your taste, a true tangle of techno might.

‘Hold You To It’ is an enchanting tune and one of the most magical yet from Francis Xavier and Neu-Romancer.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of ‘Hold You To It’ from Francis Xavier and Neu-Romancer below.

Listen. Download. Dance.


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Unknown Records, is an Australian based electronic music label and club commanding collective of artists and friends founded in 2013.

Gaining a formidable reputation as Wollongong’s favoured fathers of rave facilitation, they’ve been awarded many accolades over a half century worth of releases, including ‘2017 Record Label of the Year’ as per the influential Symphonic Distribution, countless club events and national label tours.

Having spent the last 7 years honing their craft, the faces behind Unknown Records have established themselves as venue bookers, event promoters, artist managers, record label directors, and all-round industry leaders. Since wrapping up the infamous weekly event ‘Institute of Dance’, which ran for over five years, Unknown Records have booked, curated, and marketed events for multiple local venues, with exceptional results.

In addition to running successful club-based shows, Unknown Records have also expanded their focus toward larger scale events, with the intention of delivering the biggest names in dance music to the Illawarra region, and providing their patrons with a professional and safe experience.

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1) Hold You To It
2) Hold You To It (Extended Mix)
3) Hold You To It (Keep It Real Mix)

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