Premiere: Francis Xavier ‘Dream:Time’ (McLean & Mai Remix) on Motorik

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 27, 2017

Premiere: Francis Xavier ‘Dream:Time’ (McLean & Mai Remix) on Motorik

Motorik Recordings, the label born out of warehouse parties is celebrating 5 years of releases. A Sydney collective releasing only Australian dance music has created a 14 track compilation of the artists who have made Motorik the Australian powerhouse it is today.

In honor of the milestone achievement, we are bringing to you an exclusive premiere from the compilation, the McLean & Mai remix of Francis Xavier’s “Dream:Time”

The label has always focused on being a soundtrack for the parties. The parties started in unique and unconventional spots of Sydney where Motorik found themselves creating their own stream of House and Techno, it only felt natural to start a label to express this sound. Motorik now operates as a weekly radio show, monthly club night and quarterly music festival. The label now puts heavy emphasis on being Sydney focused and being a wide reaching, open platform for artists to express themselves on a label and maintaining full creative control of their release.

The compilation is catalogue number 27, and brings together veterans of Australian dance music with what the label considers to be the future of techno. No brief was given to the artists who have contributed, they were simply asked if they had a track they would like to feature. The compilation includes teasers of what to come on Motorik records, with certain tracks soon to appear on vinyl, dub versions to have full EPs and previously unreleased remixes being included.

The previous 5 years of Motorik records have seen the label launch international DJ careers, live sets and foster new talent to a national level. The label constantly focuses on being for the people, artists and fans alike.

Purchase 5 Years of Motorik via Beatport.

Track List:

01. High Concept – Love Thug
02. Jensen Interceptor – HV Ammo
03. Stephane 1993 – Power
04. Francis Xavier – We Got It (J Tijn Remix)
05. Made In Paris – The Vault
06. Francis Xavier – Dreem:Time (McLean & Mai Remix)
07. Stephane 1993 x Mike Callander – Acid Tracks
08. Brothers – Cities Machine
09. CSMNT61 – Stunning New Residences
10. The Finger Prince – Don‘t Talk To Me (Hrdvsion Remix)
11. Stereogamous – Homewrecker (Dub Mix)
12. Francis Xavier – Union Of The Minds
13. Mike Callander – Friday Night (CSMNT61 Remix)
14. Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness and Light (For Life Remix)

Connect with Motorik: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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