Premiere: End Train and Flaminia Contribute to Metempsychosis Records’ Latest V/A Alongside VSK, Tapefeed, Torn Relics, Forest Of Fire and Kinn.

THEOTHERSIDE 03 is the new VA on Metempsychosis Records, featuring musical compositions by VSK, Torn Relics, Tapefeed, Flaminia, End Train, Forest Of Fire and Kinn.

Often when looking for change, we tend to search in the outside world. But the real growth happens inside. When we stop seeking something external to approve and help us, we finally find that whatever we wish and dream of, it’s down to ourselves more than anything else. Shifting from external validation to pursuing our true selves, is the key to fulfilment.

This VA includes tracks that highlight and support each artist’s unique voice, including our premiere for today which is a collaborative piece from Flaminia and End Train.

Can you find your own voice inside of yourself? How can you bring it to THEOTHERSIDE?

THEOTHERSIDE V/A is out Nov 14th on Metempsychosis Records and available on Bandcamp