Premiere: Elon to Release “Stoner” EP on PanickPanick!

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 12, 2018

Premiere: Elon to Release “Stoner” EP on PanickPanick!

Elon is soon to release his new Stoner EP on PanickPanick!, Nohas own label. Only the third release on the label, it exhibits Nohas excellent ear for music and Elons own fantastic production skills. The first release for both the label and Elon in 2018, it shows promise of good times and tracks ahead.

The EP opens with “Stoner” and its undulating synths. Before long, clapping snares and the kick join in. Almost without warning, the track drops into a head-down, out-on-the-floor groove that gets the dance moving down through your whole body. Scrambled vocal samples land on top with an ascending bassline below, taking the track into yet another new phase.

“Where Is My Shit” comes next, with a ticking drum machine and a deep rumbling bass getting things started. Crackling synth comes in on top as the track rises and falls, maintaining an almost motorik feel. The EP closes with “Skipping Stones”. The track opens with rapid fire hi-hats and a probing, revolving bassline. Elusive keys join in on top, painting fragmented melodies across the musical landscape. The steady house beat pumps away constantly beneath it all.


A1: Stoner

B1: Where Is My Shit

B2: Skipping Stones

Elon’s Stoner EP is available for purchase via