Premiere: Drumcell Delivers Steam-Punk Flavor With Remix for JGarrett on OMEN Recordings

Drumcell Omen Recordings
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 27, 2020

Premiere: Drumcell Delivers Steam-Punk Flavor With Remix for JGarrett on OMEN Recordings

Omen Recordings introduces another new artist for their twelfth release, welcoming JGarrett from Vancouver, Canada, who contributes three original tracks to this Techno EP. The label is also pleased to feature such a talented list of international remixing artists to this release: Los Angeles’ own Drumcell, Italian producer Irregular Synth, and Sebastian Bayne from Australia.

The opening of “Transgressor” alone lures you onto the dancefloor as the chugging analog EBM-like bassline pushes you along. The haunting melodic tones behind the 4X4 beat give this track its goth spice.

On “Objectified” layer upon layer of filter sweep textures lay a cover over break-beat kicks, syncopated snares that snap into place, while keeping a dark-like feel to this experimental banger.

A heavy kick dominates its way through the third track of the bunch, titled “Left Untold.” This dance-floor favorite is a must-play for your big room show. Hands up and eyes closed for this one.

Drumcell’s remix of the title track, which we are premiering today, keeps the heat going while adding new steam-punk flavor, making this remix a cohesive contribution. Break-beat kicks blended with industrial elements coupled with no mercy gives it a unique dark feel.

Irregular Synth remixes “Left Untold,” keeping the original ideas but adding depth, bounce, fullness and hot sauce to make this the perfect recipe for peak time sets. The acid patterns keep you connected all the way with the never stopping 4X4 groove.

Australia’s Sebastian Bayne provides the final remix of this brilliant EP, delivering an Underwater interpretation of “Transgressor” by taking the submarine into the depths of the techno ocean, featuring dark and seductive melodies mixed with deep kicks take us on a journey to the unknown.

This EP will be available digital only and demonstrates modern, deep and industrial style techno music.

Artwork by Dean Paul De Leon

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