Premiere: Dr.Nojoke Celebrates 15 Years of CLIKNO Releases with “AI” Album

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 30, 2020

Premiere: Dr.Nojoke Celebrates 15 Years of CLIKNO Releases with “AI” Album

The second output in the MAT editions series on CLIKNO is a bass-heavy affair over four sides by Dr.Nojoke, and it comes as a celebration of the label’s 15 year anniversary. Separated into the EPs Anonymity and Intimacy this release called AI is due to be released on August 7th, 2020.

The digital world and social media in particular change our perception and behavior; our values and morals undergo a transformation and shift. How much are we still anonymous? How much are we still intimate (with us/with others)? What does anonymity and intimacy mean to us today?

Dr.Nojoke shows on AI his deeper, darker, bassier and trippier side.

“Petar Plet Plete” is based on a Bulgarian tongue twister. The chant hypnotizes with its layers and endless repetitions over a straight Maurizio-esque groove with melodic percussion in odd time signature.

Enjoy the premiere of this track below.

“Nivin” grooves elegantly with typical Dr.Nojoke clicks and sophisticated loops of a mysterious female voice, whose melody reminds slightly to Kraftwerk’s Man-machine era. “EOW” and “Nuknot” are both intimate orgies of thick textures of reverberations and reflections as if space is folding in itself and time is on hold. EOW seduces with a heavy kick-drum groove and a triplet bassline underneath crawling through unconscious memories. Nuknot is carried by eternal atmospheres, a low end bassline and a repetitious glassy clang, that can drive a crowd into madness – inspired by Moritz von Oswald and Deadbeat. Nuknot ends in an ambient lock groove

CLIKNO curates artworks from living artists. For MAT ed.02 we are proud to present digital artist Lucas Gutierrez and his work “Your Mesh.sgl”, originally part of the exhibition ▬ Knowledge Of ▬ at Aperto Raum Berlin, 2017. An exhibition and dialogue exploring the term “knowledge” and the manner in which self-studies are structured within the contemporary artistic approach.

Track Listing:

A Petar Plet Plete
B Nivin
D Nuknot

Dr.Nojoke AI is available on the CLIKNO Bandcamp Page

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