Premiere: DJ Samer Invites Dani Ivory For Latest “Immportal” EP on Pangea Recordings

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 06, 2019

Premiere: DJ Samer Invites Dani Ivory For Latest “Immportal” EP on Pangea Recordings

Dani Ivory’s biography reads like the stuff that most musicians dream of. There are few artists who can boast playing the planet’s largest gigs and festivals alongside some of the world’s most famous musicians and bands, as Dani Ivory can. In fact, Dani’s vocal skills and ability to perform live on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans earned her band member status with some of the globe’s hottest acts such as Imagine Dragons, Cee Lo Green, and pop superstar Beyoncé to name a few. Dani’s work ethic and hypnotic voice has allowed her to distinguish herself from others in her genre and has allowed her to delve into a very bright looking solo career.

After being introduced to each other by a well-known promoter and spending time together in Los Angeles, Dani took time from her busy schedule to team up with label boss Samer to work on a project that eventually became known as ‘Immortal’, which quite naturally makes its way out on Samer’s label Pangea Recordings. ‘Immortal’ showcases Dani’s ability to work with producers across multiple genres while introducing her fan base to a more progressive approach to dance music through Pangea. Such a package would not be complete without iconic remixers, however.

The Mono Electric Orchestra is Barry Jamieson, an accomplished music producer and talented sound engineer. Barry’s career has spanned the better part of two decades and includes Top 40 Hits and a Grammy nomination. Using the moniker ‘Evolution’, Barry and his partner (Jon Sutton), began producing a new sound just as dance music was getting off the ground at Shelley’s and the Hacienda in the UK. Signed to the label Deconstruction, Evolution had two Top 40 Singles in the UK pop charts. Barry eventually co-founded the record labels Fluid and Viscous as a platform for innovative production, working with artists John Digweed, Andy Ling, Jimmy van M, Sean Cusick, Sasha, and many more. After moving to New York, Barry rekindled a working relationship with Sasha and produced the albums Involver and Fundacion, both of which entered the iTunes dance chart at 1. A prolific artist and collaborator, Barry has remixed singles by Britney Spears, New Order and Madonna with studio partner Bill Hamel. The two earned a Grammy nomination for their incredible remix of Seal’s single “Get together”. Barry has also collaborated with Sasha on remixes for Depeche Mode, UNKLE, Spooky, Faithless, Grand National, Petter, Ulrich Shnauss, and many more. Pangea is proud to present another remix from Barry, who twists up Dani’s vocal sample into an energetic progressive stormer reminiscent of his days as ‘Evolution’.

Last but not least are the mighty duo Inkfish. Inkfish started their producing days in the late 90`s in Sweden and were featured on classic compilations like Renaissance and Ministry of Sound early in their career. Due to their unique sound, Inkfish were able to release tracks on legendary labels like Azuli, Bedrock, Doppelganger, Mistake Music, Parquet, Renaissance, Stereo Productions, Parquet, Renaissance, Stereo, and Yellow Tail (BluFin). Their own Inkfish Recordings has featured artists like Robert Owens, Ramon Tapia, Chus, Sabb, Sergio Fernandez, Psycatron and many more. Inkfish’s eclectic musical view and variety has resulted in Top 10´s in more or less every genre in Beatport. Here, Inkfish goes a deeper route with their remix of ‘Immortal’, bringing a sexier and more seductive vibe to the package. Part 2 to come…

Track Listing:
01. DJ Samer ft Dani Ivory – Immortal (Original Dub Mix) Pangea
02. DJ Samer ft Dani Ivory – Immortal (Mono Electric Orchestra Remix) Pangea
03. DJ Samer ft Dani Ivory – Immortal (Inkfish Remix) Pangea

DJ Samer ft Dani Ivory Immortal, Pt 1 is out August 12th on Pangea and available HERE