Premiere: DJ Lily Returns to LILIES For the Label’s Sixth Release Also Featuring Inhalt der Nacht & The Mountain Range

Dj Lily
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 07, 2020

Premiere: DJ Lily Returns to LILIES For the Label’s Sixth Release Also Featuring Inhalt der Nacht & The Mountain Range

DJ Lily returns to LILIES this August with the label’s sixth release, featuring a collaboration with label partner Sailor Juul and remixes from Inhalt der Nacht and The Mountain Range.

Here the label continues with more material from Lily and introduces the debut collaborative material with Sailor Juul, who has now joined ship to run both Bror and Lilies alongside DJ Lily, the fellow Swedish artist features on the lead track here while more productions from the pair will follow soon on the label later this year.

‘Bequem ft. Sailor Juul’ leads, a high-octane 140BPM cut driven by menacing bass pulsations, dynamic drums, tension building resonance and murky vocal chants.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of this track below.

Lebendig label boss and Monnom Black artist Inhalt der Nacht delivers his twist on ‘Bequem ft. Sailor Juul’ next, bringing crunchy percussion, distorted synth sequences and airy pads into focus for a typically upfront workout from the Berlin-based artist.

DJ Lily’s solo track ‘Safeword Tegnell’ opens the flip side, fusing bubbling percussion, bumpy drums and 8-bit synth chimes throughout.

Christoffer Berg returns under his The Mountain Range (Aniara Recordings) guise next to complete the package, the artist who is part of Robyn’s band and was the synth programmer for Depeche Mode on the album Delta machine amongst other things delivers a truly unique take on ‘Safeword Tegnell’, amusingly described by a friend as “Scooter meets Dopplereffekt at Tresor”. Berg twists the original elements with psychedelic sound design, ever unfolding drum patterns and a mind-altering feel across its six-minute duration.

More About DJ Lily

Gothenburg, Sweden’s DJ Lily produces techno that has seamlessly been moving between minimalist atmospheric takes (LILIES3, Pt. 3, Sheherazade – DJ Lily Remix) through industrially informed and driving deviations (031, Brace Brace) – playful interpretations of the genre that have naturally grown out from Lily’s debut Folia on BROR03 in 2017.

Founder of BROR Records in 2015 and LILIES in 2018 in memory of a late friend, the vinyl outlets feature key figures in the Gothenburg electronic music scene such as Tora Vinter, Arkajo and The Mountain Range (Christoffer Berg), as well as appearances by revered Swedish artists such as Jor-El (Joel Alter), Sandra Mosh and Johanna Knutsson, besides Lily’s own music.

BROR Records and Lilies are co-run with Sailor Juul, integrating visual arts with the releases, and are both supported by the Swedish Arts Council

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Cover Photo Photo: Aorta
Cover Photo Art Director: Ingrid Linnéa Arnsand Jonsson