Premiere: DESNA Releases First EP of 2020 on Set About Music, Titled “Jugar”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 17, 2020

Premiere: DESNA Releases First EP of 2020 on Set About Music, Titled “Jugar”

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York DESNA represents the next generation of modern techno, making her mark in the music industry. The New York native just released her first EP of 2020 on Set About Music titled Jugar featuring a collaboration with Bulgarian artist Metodi Hristov on the ‘Call If Found’ record. The EP has elements of ominous energy yet, permeates mystical elements of euphoric techno with its haunting baselines and moments of ‘shut your eyes and just dance.’

DESNA is one artist to watch in 2020, as she continues to push her own boundaries in the studio, while crafting her art and collaborating with various notable artists in the game. You can also catch DESNA across the USA and worldwide – keep an eye out for 2020 dates!

‘Jugar’ is a Spanish word, which translates into ‘Play’ – A tantalizing original, DESNA takes listeners on a journey with a hypnotizing intro, which transforms into vibe at about 3:05, taking dancers under her spell.

DESNA and Bulgarian artist Metodi Hristov hook listeners in with the high-energy ‘Call If Found’ which is a dance floor anthem. At the 3:09 break – watch out for what’s next. These two have it right. Get ready to be lifted into ecstatic dance.

In our premiere for today, ‘Rabbet,’ DESNA shows us how deep she can get with her productions with a soaring bassline. Quirky soundscapes, anticipating high-hats and a heavy drop make for the perfect recipe of this record, giving us just a taste of what DESNA is all about.

Japanese brothers SUDO propel us into their version of ‘Jugar,’ transforming the record into a galactic remix, with dark ominous baselines.

Track Listing:

1. ‘Jugar’
2. ‘Call If Found’ with Metodi Hristov
3. ‘Rabbet’
4. ‘Jugar’ (SUDO Remix)

DESNA’s Jugar EP is out on Set About Music an available on Beatport

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