Premiere: Deadriot “Glitch_S” – Krater Music

Author : Mark Grossane
May 23, 2023

Premiere: Deadriot “Glitch_S” – Krater Music

Making music for almost 15 years now Markus and Dennis make music as Deadriot. They are a so-called musical collective and thrive to stay connected within their creative process and overcome the physical distance they have between their two home cities Berlin and Munich.

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Listen Now: Premiere: Deadriot “Glitch_S” – Krater Music

Sharing electronic music and the interest for noises and music gear became more and more a part of our creative work and at one point we started to get into the making process, which leads to their latest release of “Ruin.” is set to release on KraterMusic.

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“Ruin.” actually describes the discovery phase of Deadriot. The physical distance between the members of the group and their respective studios presented a challenge in terms of collaborating on the project. Ultimately, they found a compromise that allowed them to work independently while also coming together to share ideas and equipment.

Watch Now: DeadRiot – Glitch_S (Video edit version)

Markus took a deep dive into the world of modular and semi-modular synthesizers, including a range of Moogs such as DFAM, Mother 32, and Subharmonicon, all connected to various effects chains. On the other hand, Dennis’s background playing bass in bands made him more comfortable with classic analog synthesizers.

Despite these differences, the album “Ruin.” is a testament to the ongoing process of the two musicians finding common ground in their sound. The final product is a constantly evolving exploration of their musical spectrum.

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