Premiere: Daniel Greenx Adds a Dark Twist to AiDoll’s ‘Humanize’

Daniel Greenx AiDoll's Humanize
Author : Matt Draper
July 02, 2021

Premiere: Daniel Greenx Adds a Dark Twist to AiDoll’s ‘Humanize’

In these dark and dehumanizing times that have been devoid of underground music blasting your eardrums, Annuaki Records and its head honcho DJ Psiho come to the rescue with Humanize and their new project AiDoll.  Along with AiDoll’s original there are two remixes. First up is one of Slovenia’s most legendary DJ and producers, Valentino Kanzyani. In addition, Annuaki’s own Daniel Greenx adds a dark twist to “Humanize”.

6AM Premiere: Daniel Greenx Remixes AiDoll’s “Humanize”

For his remix, Daniel Greenx adds his own unique flavor, that ventures into his familiar domain with a darker, faster exploration of the original track. Daniel chops down the vocal work and lays down the drive with witty panned flow of percussion that brings it down and dirty for Humanized consumption during peak hours.  Certainly these tracks will be heard all over dance floors soon enough.

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