Cratan Releases “Lazka” on Marcel Fengler’s Decade Celebration of His IMF Imprint

Author : Mark Grossane
November 18, 2022

Cratan Releases “Lazka” on Marcel Fengler’s Decade Celebration of His IMF Imprint

Cratan, aka Decoder, releases a new track on Marcel Fengler‘s upcoming compilation entitled ” 10 Years IMF”.

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As 2022 concludes, Marcel Fengler opens a new career chapter with the announcement of ‘10 Years IMF’, an inspiring compilation that marks a decade of his influential label Index Marcel Fengler. A “heart project” two years in the making, the work showcases 12 cuts exclusive to the compilation, and inline with the imprint’s ethos, unites established and emerging artists. At the same time, true to Fengler’s own vision, it presents productions that span the full breath of the techno genre whether it be funky, elegant, industrial, atmospheric or broken beat, right through to the harder techno variety, ’10 Years IMF’ stands as Fengler’s personal manifesto of techno and the artistic possibilities of the genre.

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Functional and thrilling in equal doses, the compilation explores Fengler’s multi faceted vision of techno, curating a line up of tracks from artists across the generations; there’s Etapp Kyle intricate breakbeat laden ‘None’, Dasha Rush’s full bodied industrial funk ‘RAW 21’, the frenetic grooves of SHDW & Obscure Shape’s ‘Deep Rising’ and .VRIL’ s incandescent synth led ‘Hybris’, alongside a troupe of fresh talent still in their production infancy.

STEYA, who’s set to release her debut EP on IMF in 2023, gives us an exciting taste of what’s to come with ‘Prototype X’, a deliciously punchy cut imbued with plenty of swing; prodigal teenage talent Cratan aka Decoder is rated by Fengler as the most exciting young talent in techno and the silky sci-fi weapon ‘Lazka’ makes a terrific highlight. “A wonderful tune that ideally completed the V/A like a missing puzzle piece,” the IMF boss shares before promising there will be more to come for Cratan on the label. Rising Berlin-based Ukrainian producer Chontane is another who excites him, joining the label off the back off strong cuts on Arts and Rekids, with ‘Dira’: “His style is a good balance of soulful sound layers and a big portion of dance able grooves. I absolutely love it.” Rodiaz’s ‘The Ancient Sage’ has been a beloved go-to track to close out sets for Fengler and appropriately winds out the project. It’s a timely reminder that techno can be simultaneously elegant and powerful and the dance-floor need not suffer any loss of energy because of it. “He sent me a playlist of uncompromising stunners and each track wa s better than the last,” he buzzes. “Expect more bangers on IMF soon.”

Produced in collaboration with The Advent, the compilation is highlighted by Fengler’s own ‘One Shot’ “From releases on Kombination Research and Internal right through to more recent releases on Klockworks, he is a master of his craft and I’m mega happy to have been able to work on a track with him for the V/A.” Together the pair has created a superb dub techno piece that is the perfect symbiosis of their vision of techno.

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