Premiere: Cosmic Boys Make Their Return to Legend With Two-Track “Digital Love” EP

Cosmic Boys - Digital Love
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 05, 2020

Premiere: Cosmic Boys Make Their Return to Legend With Two-Track “Digital Love” EP

Cosmic Boys are back with a new EP titled Digital Love on their label Legend that features two new tracks in their hard-hitting style of peak time techno made for the dance floor.

The guy’s last EP picked up support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Pappenheimer and Roberto Capuano amongst many others, and the tracks are both charted inside of Beatport’s Top 100.

Many will also be familiar with the Cosmic Boys recent collaboration with UMEK on his label 1605, along with their contributions to Richie Hawtin’s iconic Minus.

Based in France, the duo’s new release features two original tracks that blend chunky percussion with high velocity rhythm and spine-tingling synth lines.

The EP’s title track “Digital Love” opens the release with dramatic bursts of explosive synths that spring forth to create a dramatic tension. Building towards the twisted euphoria and suspense of the main breakdown, the intensity is unrelenting as the kick drum thunders back in to create a drop of epic proportions.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Digital Love” below.

Second of the two originals “Timeless” is equally ferocious with a compelling energy that is out of this world. Combining a throbbing bassline and high velocity lead synth the “how to release the pressure” vocal is perfectly suited to the onslaught of pent up energy this track unleashes when played at maximum volume, as it’s guaranteed to create a frenzy of excited dancing.

More About Cosmic Boys

True hedonists, the two friends live and breathe techno and music, as it’s central to their everyday life between production, DJ sets and label management of Legend. In life and on stage, sharing and communion are essential to them.
Sebastien Bevil & Gaby Meynadier taken their unique style groovy of music a blend of Techno, Minimal and Electro music on countless scenes of World festivals and clubs. Over the years, the duo has been touring all around the world and it’s getting busier every day.
Their mix’ configuration is unique. Their live set is a blend of mix in 4 tracks by Sebastien syncronized with the Pad by Gaby. Each of their live sets are different.
In November 2018, they launched their new label called Legend, a label that reflects on Cosmic Boys’ unique style of ultra rhythmic Techno and their universe marked by effective and impactful synths, drops and breaks without forgetting an unarguable quality of production.
Each of their releases are at the top of Techno ranking on Beatport. In less than a year, they raised their Legend label in the Top 10 of the best Techno labels worldwide.

Track Listing:

01. Digital Love
02. Timeless

Cosmic Boys Digital Love is out on Legend and available on Beatport

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