Exclusive Premiere: Circular Thing (Raumakustik Remix) [Circus Recordings]

Author : Lee Trotter
April 14, 2016

Exclusive Premiere: Circular Thing (Raumakustik Remix) [Circus Recordings]


Photo Courtesy of: Raumakustik

There are some labels and tracks that you will continually find in the playlists of DJ’s and fans around the world. Circus Recordings and their respective releases fall into this category.

Circular Thing originally appeared on the Selector 2 release from Circus Recordings, and like many releases from the label, went on to achieve major success on any dance floor it came in contact with. Fast forward a year and you’ll find us primed and ready for the release of the Circular Thing remix package, with power house productions from Hot Since 82, Kiki, and  German duo, Raukmakustik.

In light of the release on April 25th, we gladly share the premiere of the Raukmakustik remix which swiftly showcases the German duos talent and musical ethos. The duo eloquently pays homage to the original, but turns in a blissfully refreshing remix that we imagine sounding optimal in main room systems.

Circular Thing Remixes will be available on April 25th through Circus Recordings

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