Premiere: Carl Cox and Jon Rundell Invite FAC3OFF For Intec Digital Debut

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 14, 2019

Premiere: Carl Cox and Jon Rundell Invite FAC3OFF For Intec Digital Debut

Carl Cox is an industry figurehead who’s legacy in music includes his iconic label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell, and the new release is from FAC3OFF.

FAC3OFF is an Italian artist with a melting pot of influences ranging from Detroit techno to dark prog that manifests in a unique blend of techno with ominous atmosphere and brooding intensity.

Liam Peete aka FAC3OFF joins Intec following many charts and plays from Carl Cox who has been a big fan of his music ever since discovering him in 2015, which has eventually led to this debut release on Intec.

Prior to this, FAC3OFF has also worked with a number of other noteworthy imprints ranging from Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy to Gregor Tresher’s Break New Soil.

Title track “On The Run” opens the release with thrashing hi-hats layered over the solid thump of a subby kick drum. Grinding pads swell with tension as the vocals add uplifting tones to the otherwise sinister vibe of this hard-hitting techno monster that’s perfect for tearing up the dance floor.

Track two “Acid Trip” does exactly as the title suggests with a prominent 303 line that fills the track with ripples of bubbling acid. Adding eerie pads and trippy atmospherics, this track has a classic style that is tried and tested to be a sure-fire tool to set a club alight with excitement.

Track Listing:

01. On The Run
02. Acid Trip

FAC3OFF’s On The Run EP is out November 15th via Intec Digital and available HERE

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