Premiere: Canada’s Saad Ayub Releases “On The Edge” Two-Tracker on VRTN

On The Edge
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 11, 2020

Premiere: Canada’s Saad Ayub Releases “On The Edge” Two-Tracker on VRTN

‘On The Edge’ is a moody piece of melodic techno making use exclusively of analogue synthesis, courtesy of Roland’s brilliant SE-02. Its pounding bassline groove and atmospheric break give way to a percussive, dynamic climax.

“On the edge is a track that’s super dear to me, as I fully submit my Saad Ayub brand to the world of techno,” says Ayub. “The track makes me feel like I’m at the edge of the world, and could literally just hop into another dimension, which for me is what good techno does.” – Saad Ayub


Saad is a Toronto, Canada based DJ and producer. In 2019 he firmly established himself as one of Canada’s top producers through original releases, remixes and collaborations with legends including Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, and he continues to play the biggest clubs and festivals worldwide. His digital footprint can be found in his own and other producer’s sets, from North America, to Europe, Asia and beyond.

Saad’s persona and taste has evolved to au caurant melodic Techno, as he refuses to be captive to stale and predictive sounds that many DJs feel the need to fuel. With the renaissance of techno throughout the electronic music scene, Saad’s dynamic interpretation of dark underground techno coupled with his trance background will be leaving destroyed shoe soles on dancefloors for years to come.

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Saad Ayub “On The Edge” is out February 14th and available here

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