Premiere: BLANCAh Reveals First Single From Upcoming “Arias Of Sky” LP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 06, 2020

Premiere: BLANCAh Reveals First Single From Upcoming “Arias Of Sky” LP

Renaissance Records welcome back one of Brazil’s brightest talents, BLANCAh, following last year’s acclaimed ‘Cold Lights’. Released on 6 March, ‘Walk In Clouds’ marks the start of a very personal and incredibly special project as it’s the first single to be taken from her forthcoming album, ‘Arias Of Sky’.

“Renaissance asked what track I wanted to release first. When people eventually hear the album I think they’ll be surprised, because the version of ‘Walk In Clouds’ on there is a bit slower, it’s a lot more haunting with a tinge of melancholy. So, probably not the most immediate choice, but certainly a very interesting one! With these versions we wanted to do something different; something that’s directly aimed at the dancefloor.” – BLANCAh

To call the resulting mixes ‘aimed’ is arguably an understatement. Targeted with the precision of a cruise missile is more appropriate, especially when you have the wherewithal to reinforce the armory by bringing in the likes of Fur Coat for a South American mix-off!

“It was great to remix this track from BLANCAh, we realised she was from Brazil after we got the music in our hands. When we heard the track, we knew straight away which elements to use, like her vocals and the pads, so we could turn it into something more club friendly and give it our stamp.” – Fur Coat

The Venezuelan duo lay down a strong ‘challenge-accepted’ with a remix that fuses BLANCAh’s beautiful vocal and melodies with peak-time, destructive power. They truly capture her delicate, precise production within a cocoon of raw energy and prove there are few at work today capable of such a deft balancing act.

Not to be outdone, BLANCAh’s mix complements perfectly with a more melodic interpretation that rises throughout. Fusing layer upon layer, she adds new riffs, soaring pads and, continuing her theme of self-imposed surprise, even a touch of acid! “I’ve never been one to take the easy or more obvious path. I love a challenge, though sometimes admittedly walk the line of making life difficult for myself,” she knowingly chuckles.

Enjoy our premiere below!

BLANCAh’s “Walk In Clouds” is available via Renaissance Records HERE

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