Premiere: Black Brook Limited Bets on the Artistic Personality of Kalter Ende for “Altered Versions” EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 22, 2019

Premiere: Black Brook Limited Bets on the Artistic Personality of Kalter Ende for “Altered Versions” EP

Kalter Ende consolidates his creative identity with each fragment he disseminates, his works reveal a perfectly developed style and closely linked to his project as a producer. The best adjective that defines his sound is compact, his structure gives no margin for truce, a faculty that promotes an excellent balance between dynamism and ingenuity.

Black Brook Limited bets on the artistic personality of Kalter Ende and incorporates the Spanish producer in its catalogue to launch its fourteenth reference. Altered Versions combines the entire heritage domain of Kalter Ende with five techno tracks compressed widely across the entire audible spectrum, the first of them is “Acces Control”, a track that starts with energy, with a steady and invariable rhythm that extends throughout its journey. The semiquaver partition of the bass stimulates penetrating percussive elements that at the same time form a uniform body with the metallic arpeggio.

“Details Of Sequence” also part of the same subdivision as the previous track but in this case does not show the same strength, this cut is more spatial and mental, the harmonic motifs are not so direct, the background sounds more blurred and the melody has a narcotic effect on the listener.

“Control Routing” is the track that opens the B – side in the vinyl, again increases the intensity with a more aggressive treatment in the bass frequencies, the bass drum penetrates impeccably with the bass and the rest of the ingredients are gradually added to form a consistent mass. The second cut of the B side is another world, an added value to the heterogeneous techno of Kalter Ende, “High Voltage” is a theme in which we can observe the different treatments that the Spanish producer usually assigns to his music. The most characteristic is the space it gives in dynamics, panoramics and the chromatic spectrum. Linear theme with subtle variations.

“The Hope” is the bonus track of the EP, this track is only available in digital format and although it follows the same pattern as the rest in terms of a linear configuration and penetrating effect, it differs quite a lot from the previous four tracks. Its powerful bass is the only resource along with the percussion, does not need to feed on anything else.

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