Premiere: Birmingham Based Dark Chambers Delivers Four Banging Tracks on Elektrax Recordings

Dark Chambers ‘On the verge of…’ is out on Elektrax Recordings
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 02, 2020

Premiere: Birmingham Based Dark Chambers Delivers Four Banging Tracks on Elektrax Recordings

Birmingham based producer Dark Chambers is up next on the Sydney label Elektrax Recordings with four hard-hitting originals.

Dark Chambers’ love of techno came from listening to international pirate radio stations in his bedroom as a teenager, collecting synthesizers and drum machines to fulfill his inherent need to start creating music himself. Over a five year period he formed Division Sub Records to hone in even more on the deeper techno sound, for a handful of quality releases.

In 2014 Rebekah chose his track Shaded to be included on the CLR mix compilation Mind sets, which had Shaded as an exclusive track that went out on the CLR Mind Sets Sampler 1.Releases on labels like Gynoid Records, Translucent, Android Muziq, Planet Rhythm, Darknet, Various V/A’s which has showcased his sound to an international audience and cementing himself firmly in the realm of underground quality techno.

Dark Chambers now joins the Australian techno imprint Elektrax Recordings who have nearly twenty years’ worth of quality releases, mixes and remixes from established producers such as Niereich, Shadym, I1 Ambivalent, Hell Driver, Carara, Orion, Sandro Galli, Sopik, Destroyer and more.

‘Plant 101’ opens things up with soaring drums, fizzing acid-tinged synths and ringing modulations giving off intense energy to begin before ‘Love Song’ follows up with pacey, revolving percussion with raw, momentum building atmospheres and provocative vocals capturing your attention immediately.

‘Hangers’ features resounding, industrial styled kicks underneath the colossal, machine-like fx and electrifying grooves that punch throughout until the syncopated techno cut entitled ‘Banshee’ rounds off this mammoth EP with vigorous rhythms, expansive oscillations and eccentric melacholoy pads contrasting the powerful overtones.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of ‘Hangers’ from Dark Chambers on Elektrax Recordings:



Plant 101
Love Song

Dark Chambers ‘On the verge of…’ is out Nov 5th on Elektrax Recordings on Nov 5th

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