Premiere: Aquarius Heaven Lands On Bunte Kuh With “Take It Easy” EP

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 08, 2019

Premiere: Aquarius Heaven Lands On Bunte Kuh With “Take It Easy” EP

Aquarius Heaven is the next guest to appear on the ever so inspiring Bunte Kuh label. Take It Easy comes packed with four stellar selections; two original works from the German, as well as two remixes from Clement Kassianov and Pattern Drama.

The title track eases you into this one, with filtered kicks paving the way for poetic vocals and melodies that climb upwards in energy and stature. Clement Kassianov then offers his interpretation, bringing together tribal percussion that work effortlessly alongside the hook of “Take It Easy”, coming and going across the duration.

Over to the B Side and Aquarius is back on the original works with ‘Backstage of the Backstage’ – a faster paced and darker cut with haunting synth pads that open the room for an equally eerie muffled vocal. Pattern Drama then builds upon the rich layer of chords created by Aquarius Heaven with the addition of crisp percussive hits and the return of twinkling melodies overhead.

A1) Take It Easy (Original Mix)
A2) Take It Easy (Clement Kassianov Remix)
B1) Backstage Of The Backstage (Original Mix)
B2) Backstage Of The Backstage (Pattern Drama Remix)

Aquarius Heaven’s Take It Easy EP is out Nov 11th and available HERE