Premiere: Antechamber’s Vinyl Release Serves Up Glacial Techno

Antechamber's vinyl release
Author : Daisy Magana
August 25, 2020

Premiere: Antechamber’s Vinyl Release Serves Up Glacial Techno

Antechamber’s vinyl release features four new tracks bringing uncompromising sounds for the mature palette. “Susurrus,” Antechamber’s (alias Codex Empire) third track off his forthcoming Archaic Idol EP, pulses in an organic sense tapping into a primordial vision. The British born now Vienna-based producer blends sounds of opposing claustrophobia feelings with a bold transporting musicality that reveals 25 years of perfecting a craft.

The opener, Archaic Idol, is a rude awaking in a foreign land – and alludes to the iconoclasm evident in the shattered panes of the cover artwork by Alcarcia. “Ossolstone,” the EP’s second track, lays down the foundations for the new reality. Sparse, rich reverb, allowing the blocks to fall into place as the listener discovers and becomes acclimatized to the new sonic reality. Bordering on regimented syncopation, yet with enough space to allow the track to breathe. “Susurrus” pulses in an organic sense, tapping into a primordial vision.

Listen: Antechamber’s Vinyl Release 6AM Premiere “Susurrus”

Remix duties are handled by Lemna (Japan) and Lakker (Ireland). Lemna’s take on Archaic Idol opens up the sound. The emotional heart of the original is maintained but with an unexpected direction, that rewards the listener with lavish full range mesmerizing intention. Concluding the release, Lakker stamp their unmistakable mark on Ossolstone. A haunting circular bass competes with high-end percussion.

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Founded in 2019, Polymorphism is an electronic music record label that seeks to work with artists from all over the world in order to bring together different cultures and musical influences. In addition to the limited vinyl release, all titles are available to download or listen online – for free. Their vinyl is made as sustainable as possible being respectful of the environment.

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