Premiere: Amotik, Denise Rabe, Kyoka, Głós and More Deliver Tracks For 5th Release on Linn Elisabet’s Acts of Rebellion

Amotik lands on Acts Of Rebellion
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 04, 2021

Premiere: Amotik, Denise Rabe, Kyoka, Głós and More Deliver Tracks For 5th Release on Linn Elisabet’s Acts of Rebellion

The Storms We Became is the fifth release on Linn Elisabet’s Acts Of Rebellion imprint, featuring original works of 10 artists, both familiar and new to the label, and includiong our exclusive premiere of an ambient and cerebral contribution from Amotik.

With a red thread of distorted and broken percussions and vocals, the compilation showcases a wide range of styles met in the same intention: crossing the border of normative compliance. What is dance music and counter-culture anyway, if we don’t take ourselves the time to question and break the new cages we have built for ourselves?

To all the challenges we met
To all silencers who burned our palms
To all storms we walked trough
And all the storms we became Thank you
This is our postal card

/ Face fear and remember: here is where you get to grow

Enjoy the premiere of the deep, atmospheric and ambient techno track from Amotik in this release, titled “Vidroha” and read on for our exclusive interview with Linn Elisabet.


Hi Linn, thanks for taking the time to chat and congratulations on the release. How has this beginning of 2021 been for you so far?

I am lucky to have the time to spend on both introspection and music. That’s something I have carried within my heart since this mayhem started: how thankful I am to have a passion and an outlet to occasionally distract, but also take care of and express myself and my emotions in times like this. Starting 2021 feels hopeful, despite the darkness. I have the most lovely people around to bring light and love into my life.

Needless to say it’s been a difficult year for artists, but I am happy to see a lot of new music coming out from the techno world, a ton of which is great quality and I can’t wait to hear on a large sound system. How has this period been for you as a producer and label owner in terms of musical inspiration?

Even before COVID I envisioned what alternative dance can be, what it should be, and what direction it could possibly take if we let go of the restrictive genre conventions we have set for ourselves. I have felt and seen others being inspired to push that boundary even more since the clubs closed, making music that doesn’t only make one want to dance, but which can also accompany and empower people in their every-day life. Weekends and clubs used to be our spaces of liberation. Now we simply have had to create those spaces in a different way, mainly within ourselves. I am thinking this can be a pathway for techno to transcend into a new stage of its development.

Acts Of Rebellions, your label, has a name that speaks for itself. Regardless could you tell us what it means to you and what mission and purpose the label has within the techno world?

The mission can be divided into two parts: one where inclusive and norm-breaking values need to be reclaimed and re-established through authentic action within our scene, and one focusing on the future in terms of expressional innovation. Together they form a manifesto promoting transgressive narratives: within our lives and minds, as well as musical and artistic output.

This latest release of yours is a V/A with a clear message to listeners. What is that message?

The Storms We Became is a postal card to life’s challenges, silencers and fears. A message of gratitude for what we have become through them, and assuming responsibility for our contribution to a diverse and inclusive world. Fierce hearts and minds which are ready for anything. Each track has a specific significance for each producer, as they were asked to compose pieces which represents the music they would like to release, beyond the expectations of the commercialized and functional conventions of our scene.

Listen to Global Vibe Radio 216 Feat. Linn Elisabet

How did you go about selecting this fantastic roster of artists?

The selection is a mix of old and new friends, some of which I met before, and some which I got to know through the request of participation in the project. What they all have in common is how their music as well as personalities have touched and resonated with me through one and the same frequency: that on which they create freely and authentically without questioning what makes them unique. Every single one of these artists have developed very specific sounds, around what from a normative or functional point of view within techno often are considered ‘wrong’. Yet they devoted themselves to that expression, and succeeded in convincing the scene that their interpretation of dance represents the future.

Musically what can fans expect from the release?

Expect a wide range of stylistic expressions, with complex rhythms, cold as ice sound design and vocals as a red thread. To me the compilation serves a broad perspective of how the close future of alternative dance and techno might sound. There will also be a video released to Josef Gaard’s track, with dancers from Theater Osnabrück, since the piece was originally composed to a performance of theirs. Since I myself love expression through multiple media, I am thrilled to have this as a compliment to the artists narrative of climate change and global warming

Track Listing:

01 Denise Rabe – Woven Matter
02 SRAMAANA – Espoir d’une Utopie Sans Haine
03 Linn Elisabet & Parallel Processing – Fear Syndicate
04 ASEC – Track Your Eyes
05 Billie Jo – You Make Everyone Disappear
06 Kyoka – Expanding The Border
07 Josef Gaard – Breaking Up The Ice
08 Głós – Fiora
09 Amotik – Vidroha

The Storms We Became (including Amotik) is out on Acts Of Rebellion and available HERE

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