Premiere: Amethysts “INSIDE OUR WRLD” Album – Circulate Records

Author : Kevin Ching
December 14, 2021

Premiere: Amethysts “INSIDE OUR WRLD” Album – Circulate Records

In 2019 in Agrigento, Sicily the Amethyst project was born from Antonio Drago and Salvatore Bertolino, who have been working together for several years.

The Italian duo’s second release on Circulate—and their first full length album—comes in the form INSIDE OUR WLRD: 12 tracks that range from inquisitive and ethereal to pulsating, peak-time techno.

6AM Premiere: Amethysts INSIDE OUR WRLD – Circulate Records

In their own words: “INSIDE OUR WRLD was created with the scope of letting people inside our world through emotions or values that emerge listening to our album. Life is hard and sometimes we need to isolate ourselves in our own world… in order to think about how to be stronger.”

With each track associated with a number and letter, one may ask—why the short titles? For Amethysts, in their world only the essence exists and not the excess.

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