Premiere: Altrd Being “VLCRPTR 3” – CommonSense Records

Altrd Being VLCRPTR
Author : Kevin Ching
September 26, 2022

Premiere: Altrd Being “VLCRPTR 3” – CommonSense Records

This amazing and deep work is the label’s debut of Altrd Being a.k.a. C Isid is 1/2 of Motionen and co-founder and curator of Ascetic Limited, he has been involved in the techno scene since 2008 and has been a raver since 2006 as a DJ / Producer he has been published under his 3 different projects on labels from all around the globe from Latin America to Germany, he now lives in Tbilisi but has been a traveler for some time and has lived in cities with thriving techno scenes such as Los Angeles, Madrid and spends some times on and off in Berlin, he is no stranger to the booth both in clubs and in warehouses where he has shared booth with some of the most respected names in underground techno.

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 6AM Premiere: Altrd Being “VLCRPTR 3” – CommonSense Records

The new EP is focused on a complex sound between rhythm and textures, with a clear intention to make you move your brain cells and all of your muscles.

1. Altrd Being – VLCRPTR 1
An invitation to follow your inner-self to a solid state through pads, textures and synths, pushed by a playful rhythm.

2. Altrd Being – VLCRPTR 2
An amazing drone sound in synergy with the bass drum to deliver a dance-floor banger.

3. Altrd Being – VLCRPTR 3
Rough kick and a direct ticket to our first time in a warehouse Techno party, before the drone sound breaks our mind like a laser.

4. Altrd Being – VLCRPTR 4
To end our journey, this track goes deep with hard drums and a non predictive pattern that keeps peaceful textures in it.

Label: CommonSense Records
Artists: Altrd Being
Album/Single: Living With A Velociraptor
Genre: Techno
Format: WAV/MP3/AIFF
Catalogue Number: CSR008
Release Date: 05/09/2022
Artwork: Denisse Noriega
Master: Temudo

Connect with Altrd Being: SoundCloud | Facebook | RA