Premiere: Alek S Delivers Deep, Dubby “Far Outside” EP on made of CONCRETE

Alek S
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 17, 2020

Premiere: Alek S Delivers Deep, Dubby “Far Outside” EP on made of CONCRETE

made of CONCRETE kickstart 2020 with a long-awaited release from Alek S, one year after his latest EP. He’s joined by Sascha Rydell, one of his favourite artists, taking on remix duties.

Deep and dubby, immersive and dance-inducing – these coordinates can always be found in Alex S’ productions and this release makes no exception.

‘Far Outside’ introduces the deep atmospherics, with its metallic elements and slow burning melody, as you can hear yourself from our premiere today. ‘Sweatbox’ creates an entrancing mood with its timbered percussion and pulsating lead.

‘Ostkreuz’ stands for the dubby, restrained piece, with tempered percussion and bassline that give a womb-like feeling. Sascha Rydell’s rework of ‘Sweatbox’ rounds up the release in a dynamic manner, with a full-force techno heavy hitter.

made of CONCRETE is a record label run by Rebar, a Berlin- and Dresden-based DJ and producer duo.

”made of CONCRETE” is a platform for records shaped by the aesthetic of Techno, House, Ambient and Experimental music.

Track Listing:

1. Far Outside
2. Sweatbox
3. Ostkreuz
4. Sweatbox (Sascha Rydell Remix)

Far Outside EP by Alek S is out 24th of January via made of CONCRETE and available HERE

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