Premiere: 67 Tracks, 22 Exclusives and 3 Mixes Comprise Toolroom Records’ 2019 Ibiza Compilation

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 02, 2019

Premiere: 67 Tracks, 22 Exclusives and 3 Mixes Comprise Toolroom Records’ 2019 Ibiza Compilation

Over the last few months, the amount of quality music released, unearthed and championed by Toolroom has been, quite frankly, ridiculous. So in a break from tradition, the UK’s finest electronic music imprint has announced a second volume of its coveted Ibiza compilation.

Toolroom’s Ibiza compilations are already stuff of legends, responsible for soundtracking thousands of music fans’ summers both on and off the White Isle. But this year there was simply too much music to put out just one collection, so for anyone craving another dose of beats, basslines, poolside anthems and club-ready cuts, summer 2019 is looking up.

The list of artist included runs like a roll call of the most exciting producers in electronic music right now: Weiss, Leftwing : Kody, Will Clarke, Eli Brown, Hannah Wants, Mason Maynard, De La Swing, Hector Couto all provide music that ranges from soaring, vocal-led anthems to sinewy rolling techno, from a diverse range of leading labels including Sola, This Ain’t Bristol, Hive Audio, ABODE and of course Toolroom itself.

Also included are no fewer than 22 brand new tracks exclusive to the compilation from artists like Alex Kenji, Dakar, Lex & Wood and Mindek: an incredible range of cuts that make Toolroom Ibiza 2019 Vol.2 a means of new music discovery as well as a source for tracks and artists you already know and love. Add to this three continues mixes – mixed by Toolroom founder Mark Knight no less – that cover Poolside, Club and Afterclub, and you have a collection that encapsulates the electronic spirit of Ibiza like no other.

The music on this expansive compilation is reflective of both the quality and variation of music that is fast becoming synonymous with Toolroom’s Ibiza residency at Eden. The party is fast-becoming one of the most talked-about residencies on the island, and has become especially popular with the workers thanks to its winning combination of reasonable ticket prices and phenomenal, welcoming dancfloor vibe, all soundtracked by both world-leading DJs and a fiercely talented new breed of artists.

For an authentic experience of the current sound of Ibiza, both on and off the island, Toolroom has you covered. Today, we premiere Fabio Neural & DJ Fronter‘s contribution to the compilation, titled “Remeniss.”

Track Listing:

01. Weiss – Let Me Love You [Toolroom Records]
02. KC Lights – SOL [Toolroom Records]
03. Leftwing : Kody – Keep Pushin’ On [Lost Records]
04. Dakar – Frenzy Groove [Toolroom Records]
05. Will Clarke – Tricky [ABODE Records]
06. Apexape – Tribal Gospel [Toolroom Records]
07. Cristoph & Quivver – In Name Only (Moonwalk Remix) [Selador]
08. Eli Brown – Always [Toolroom Records]
09. DJ Lora – 20 Girls (Mark Knight Remix) [Etiquette]
10. Fabio Neural & DJ Fronter – Remeniss [Toolroom Records]
11. DJ PP & Sean Finn – Vision Of Love [Toolroom Records]
12. Tim Baresko – Lose Control [Toolroom Trax]
13. Hannah Wants – Love Somebody [Etiquette]
14. Lex & Wood – Purple Jam [Toolroom Records]
15. PAX – Voodoo Girl [Sola]
16. Alex Kenji, Vic Yamamoto – Shinkai [Toolroom Records]
17. Demuir and DJ Sneak – The Good Ol’ Days [Purveyour Underground]
18. Husko – Strange [Toolroom Records]
19. Friend Within – Been A While [Toolroom Records]
20. Nihil Young, Less Hate – Luna [Toolroom Records]
21. Ben Remember – It Ain’t Easy [Toolroom Records]
22. Redux Saints, Mr. Oz – Everybody [Toolroom Records]
23. Alex Kennon – I Can’t Get You [Saved Records]
24. Kyle Watson – You Boy (Billy Kenny Remix) [This Ain’t Bristol]
25. Marc Ross – Sugar [Toolroom Records]
26. Mason Maynard – Reconcile [Kaluki Musik]
27. Groovebox & Francesco Romano – Fiodena [Toolroom Records]
28. Dosem – What If [Anjunadeep]
29. Tube & Berger – Guess Who’s Jack [Toolroom Records]
30. LEFTI – Wanna Feel [Toolroom Records]
31. Chris Hartwig – Bang The Groove (Format:B Remix) [Formatik]
32. Angel Heredia & Diego Lima – [Toolroom Records]
33. Mason feat. Jem Cooke – Drowning In Your Love [Another Rhythm]
34. Mat.joe – Ya Know [This Ain’t Bristol]
35. Mindek – Basics [Toolroom Records]
36. Martin Ikin feat. Hayley May – How I Feel [Toolroom Records]
37. Raumakustik – Good Times [Sola]
38. DJ Gomi, Mike Ivy – INSIDE [Toolroom Records]
39. Frank Sonic – Bloomingville [Toolroom Records]
40. Soul Divide – Hanky Panky [Mood Funk Records]
41. Mendo – Get A Funk [Toolroom Records]
42. Tuff London – Beat Baby [Sola]
43. Joe Red, Paul Darey – Wrong Is Right [Toolroom Records]
44. Siege – Thinking [Toolroom Records]
45. De La Swing – Club Del Sol [Kaluki Musik]
46. Mike McFly – Felix Cat [Toolroom Records]
47. Cinthie – Time To Move [AUS Music]
48. JJ Mullor & Reedjekt – Kemps [Toolroom Records]
49. Hector Couto – I Feel You [ABODE Records]
50. DJ Wady, Rio Dela Duna – Take Yours [Toolroom Records]
51. Tibasko – Body Wrap [Another Rhythm]
52. Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch – Psycho (Simon Kidzoo & The Concept Remix) [Toolroom Records]
53. Andretta – Vision Of You [Zerothree Music]
54. Oliver Schories – Mirada (Jansons Remix) [8bit Records]
55. Lutzenhouse – Touchable [Toolroom Records]
56. Ferdinand Weber – The One [Love & Other]
57. Christian Cambas – Dub Rinse [Rhythm Distrikt]
58. Kisch – Don’t Let Go [Love & Other]
59. N-You-Up – Jazz Bar (Saison Rework) [No Fuss Records]
60. Ramon Tapia – Mind Trip [Terminal M]
61. Enamour – Voye [Zerothree Music]
62. Finn – Do What You Want Forever [Local Action Records]
63. Piemont – Topical Flight [Moonless Air]
64. Definition – Memories [Hive Audio]
65. Allen(IT), Filix – Panciuss [Strangelove]
66. Daniel Levak – Let’s Go [Formatik]
67. Monika Kruse meets Timmo – Violet [Terminal M]
68. Continuous DJ Mix 1 – Poolside
69. Continuous DJ Mix 2 – Club
70. Continuous DJ Mix 3 – Afterclub

Toolroom Ibiza 2019 Vol.2 is out now and available HERE

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