Pre-Order The Official Time Warp 20 YRS: The Truth Is On The Dancefloor Book

unnamed“Takes the reader on a journey through time to the first 20 years of Time Warp: The creators tell how a party for friends has become world’s renowned Techno event. Artists explain what constitutes the fascination of Time Warp. Hundreds of pictures display the energy in front and behind the stages. And the team raises the curtain to take you behind the scenes of the cosmos called Time Warp, a party which is nothing more than a party. And is still much more!”

The official Time Warp 20 YRS: The Truth Is On The Dancefloor book is available for pre-order on the Time Warp site for the reduced price of 35,00 € specially for those who pre-order it or for those who purchase it at the booth at Time Warp Mannheim. It will be available starting April 2, and the book will begin shipping out on April 5 if purchased online.

The book is dedicated to twenty years of Time Warp and its influence on the dance music scene and its culture. The book takes the reader on a visual journey through the energizing stage designs, people of Time Warp, and great minds behind the inception of the party.

Check out the preview of it below!