Pow-Low Shares 5 Key Jazz-Influenced House Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 09, 2019

Pow-Low Shares 5 Key Jazz-Influenced House Records

Psycle’s expertly curated catalogue continues with a new addition from Pow- Low that comes hot on the heels of his Inhale EP back in June.

Pow-Low is a core part of this label and keeps serving up the goods with each new offering. He hails from the Italian part of Switzerland but his musical endeavours have taken him all over the world. He’s formally studied jazz, been playing vinyl since his teenage years, studied recording engineering and production and worked in high-end studios in Hollywood as well as being in a number of bands.

The charming title track of He’s Got The Jack EP opens up this release with lively house music that is enriched with warm, smeared chords, bubbly bass and an inviting, heartwarming vibe. ‘Studio’ is another deep but driving track with bass and synths that melt around each other as jazzy hi-hats spin up to top. The classy, good-time grooves continue with ‘nowER,’ which has deft little bass riffs sticking out of a gooey groove and cosmic pads adding to the superbly stylish feel. Luzern jazz-school band, Colster provide the next offering, deftly remixed by Pow-low, ‘Around The World (Pow-Low Remix)’ is a superbly soul-drenched track with loungey chords and effortlessly smooth, rolling kicks and vocals. Offering something more minimal, freaky and late-night is the excellent ‘Son of a Beat’ (2019 remaster) which is a busy track with rich layers of synth, keys, samples and perc all scurrying above a restless rhythm.

Given his more-than-apparent love for jazz-tinged house music, we asked Pow-Low to give us the lowdown on 5 of his favorite jazz-inspired House records.

Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Brother for real

This is the title track of his legendary album. The record for me was a true gamechanger, superb production quality and I believe the track features voice samples by Ray Charles and Quincy Jones referring to Charley Parker being a „brother for real“. Released in 1996 it became album of the year in the UK and journalists asked: “Is Terry God?”

Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere

Rightly Kerri is considered the godfather of underground deep house. The rhythmic chords here unfold a jazzy atmosphere and the break features synth-brass-chords in the pentatonic scale. A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave, this being very common in jazz.

St. Germain – Mama Said

Very swinging drums and jazz chords, amazing voice samples create a lively and fresh atmosphere. This is lively house music that is enriched with warm, smeared chords, bubbly bass and an inviting, heartwarming vibe. It’s another classic from 1994. The jazzy, souly and funky touch is what I miss sometimes in current deep-house tracks.

Future Funk – Black Classical Music

One of the early house acts from Germany that actually played all live. „… also known a Jazz“ resolves the track title, and a detuned saw-sound funks it all up. A deep but driving track with bass and synths that melt around each with a funky groove. The track was featured on a legendary compilation by Plastic City with a Casio-style real watch built into the album-cover.

The Andrews Sisters – Rum an Coca Cola (Pow-Low Remix)

I was always fascinated by The Andres Sisters vocal harmonies and their songwriting. They were an American girl-group with huge worldwide hits in jazz, swing and pop-music. I figured this could work with a house beat. It was a bit of a challenge, since they sang without a click. I therefore had to edit quit a bit, but in the end it was a lot of fun.

Pow-Low’s He’s Got The Jack EP is now out and available here

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