Polo & Pan are Selling Their Personal Collection of Vintage Audio Equipment

Polo & Pan Sell Equipment
Author : Max Spruill
January 26, 2023

Polo & Pan are Selling Their Personal Collection of Vintage Audio Equipment

Out with the old and in with the new—French electronic music tandem Polo & Pan are cleaning house, making space in their studio for fresh gear and audio equipment.

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Now, fans can head to the official Polo & Pan Reverb shop to purchase instruments from the duo’s treasure trove of vintage audio equipment. The instruments for sale were “pivotal” to the production of many of their hit songs, including “Tunnel” and “Ani Kuni,” a member of Reverb’s team tells EDM.com.

Perhaps most notably, a pair of Universal Audio Urei 1176 compressors is available. They have been used to create almost all of the Polo & Pan tracks.

Polo & Pan Sell Equipment

source: https://edm.com/news/polo-pan-selling-personal-collection-vintage-audio-equipment

A few other highlights from the collection include a Dynacord DRS-78, Electro-Harmonix V256, Crumar Multiman-S, Korg MS-10 and Roland D-50.

“After many years using [these] legendary compressors, we decided to let them go,” Polo & Pan said in a joint statement. “It was a young producer’s dream to acquire them. To make it even more cool, [the] pair that we bought was previously owned by Maurice Gibb from The Bee Gees.”

Originally reported by EDM.com.

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