Louie Fresco Debuts ++ Party Series

Author : Lee Trotter
April 03, 2015

Louie Fresco Debuts ++ Party Series

Louie Fresco Press Photo

‘’Every time we get a good group of us together from Mexico it ends up being something really special, not only for us, but the fans at each show’’ – Louie Fresco

Artists and their music are in a constant state of evolution. Therefore, it is only natural that the party concept evolves as well. Louie Fresco has introduced his new party concept for 2015 in the form of ++ (Plus Plus). So what exactly is the idea behind the ++ party?

The ++ party concept aims to gather like-minded artists and friends from Mexico and put them together for a series of back-to-back-to-back sets. While back-to-back sets are not new to the industry, this particular concept is a great showcase of artists that will allow them to push the limit and find out how much chemistry they truly have together.

The ++ party debuted in Panama at the beginning of this year with Louie Fresco, Miguel Puente, Glenn Gonzalez, and Bastard Love. The ++ party continues with two dates scheduled in Mexico City this month, and will expand to other areas of Latin America and Europe as the year goes on. ++ is a fresh concept that breaks the mold of traditional club nights and DJ sets, and is sure to result in some special nights from Louie and guests.

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Upcoming ++ Events

Louie Fresco FlyerApril 10 at RIOMA Club (Mexico City)
Lineup: Louie Fresco + Gabriel Sordo + Delia Ros

Tickets and More Info: ++ at Rioma Club

April 22 at Rhodesia Club (Mexico City)
Lineup: Louie Fresco + Gabriel Sordo + Andre VII