Endor Playlist: My Favorite Weird and Wonderful Tracks

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September 07, 2017

Endor Playlist: My Favorite Weird and Wonderful Tracks

The 23-year-old London-based producer Endor is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic music scene, both in the UK and beyond. Enjoy this Endor playlist below, filled with his favorite weird and wonderful tracks.

His original tracks and remixes are now approaching 21 million streams on SoundCloud, and he has an impressive discography to boot, having done official remixes for artists like Roger Sanchez, Leona Lewis, Motez, and KStewart, as well as some unforgettable bootlegs, most notably one for Skream’s “In For The Kill”.  In addition, he is also curating a back-to-back live series straight out of his kitchen, joined by the likes of Blonde, Taiki Nulight, Bushbaby, and Foor & Joshua.

With such an eclectic background as a producer, we asked Endor to dig deep in his record collection and share with us his favorite weird and yet wonderful tracks.

Check them out below and see what he has to say about each of them:

Sophie – Vyzee

There seemed only one place to start when it came to picking my ten favourite “unusual” tunes… and that was with a Sophie track. The sound design and blend of elements on Vyzee is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s forward-thinking, experimental yet accessible – I’m totally hooked.


Akross – Lowdown

Lowdown definitely deserves a mention. It’s got a unique, morphing bassline riff unlike anything in house music. It’s impossible to replicate, so it will forever be an iconic tune.


QT – Hey QT

I love this tune so much. It’s another “PC Music” worldie. The high pitched vocal mixed with malicious, questionable lyrics is a freaky juxtaposition… all of that combined with the bubblegum-pop beat results in the most fucked up, amazing tune. It’s a banger!


Keith Ape – 잊지마 (It G Ma)

I couldn’t write about my favourite unusual tunes without giving Keith Ape a mention. The beat on “It G Ma” just lurks underneath a raw percussive flow in Korean. I don’t understand a word, but that’s half the fun of it.


Yung Lean – Hurt

When I stumbled across Lean, I thought I’d uncovered some stupid internet joke. 6 months down the line and I’m frantically trawling through YouTube to try and find him again. Yung Lean pioneered an entire movement of music so unlike anything to ever exist before, he’s a genius.

Burial – Archangel (Kane West Remix)

When Burial made “Archangel”, it was considered one of the most progressive, abstract and untouchable songs in dance music… a musical equivalent to a Picasso. Kane West’s remix violated every sense of that, maybe spoiling the original for many, but giving a valuable ‘reality check’ on our outlook on music. Kane West (not to be confused with a certain rapper of a similar name) is responsible for one of the greatest pieces of “fine art” to exist on the internet… Large up Kane West.



After the high-brow subconscious intellect of Kane West, the only way is down. So here’s a RiFF RAFF tune (sorry bro). I’m wary of any artist who capitalises every track-title, tweet, and mention of their name… it seems like a tacky maneuver, but RiFF RAFF has a certain pedigree and vibe that I can’t help but fuck with. Dolce & Gabanna (sorry, DOLCE & GABANNA) is not only a hard-ass tune, but it’s pretty unique, so it has to get a mention.


Rich Chigga – Dat $tick

Jheeze what can I say about this kid? He stormed into the game as a novelty act, but he’ll leave with props from some serious rappers. His style is distinctive. His flow is hard. He’s 17. There’s no one in the game like Rich Chigga so here’s his acknowledgement.


Bladee – Into Dust

This tune gives me chills every time. The synth lead does something mad to me. There’s no way to articulate it. Go and check it out!


Coki – Marduk

In an article about unusual tunes, there had to be at least one Dubstep track. The bassline on Marduk is so bonkers and dissonant.


josh pan & X&G – Platinum

This track came up on YouTube as “recommended for you”, which I usually decipher to mean “label-sponsored shite”, but I thought I’d call YouTube’s bluff and check it out… and FUCK, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s so percussive and wonky.


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