Piotr Figiel Debuts Groovy, Four-Track EP ‘White Lies’

Piotr Figiel dj
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
March 01, 2022

Piotr Figiel Debuts Groovy, Four-Track EP ‘White Lies’

After the very well received ‘Missing EP‘ supported by Joseph Capriati, Funk D’Void, Benjamin Damage, Stefan Weise, Temudo, Drumcomplex, Cristian Varela, Takaaki Itoh, Dj Tag, and many more, Piotr Figiel enters 2022 with ‘White Lies’, an EP influenced by Detroit and minimal techno.

His music has always been an eclectic mixture of different influences, original sound design, and great sound. Piotr’s work has been released on many Polish and international labels, among many dj and live-act club gigs. For gigs, Piotr has performed at many venues such as: Street Art Festival, Ars Cameralis Festival, and Tauron Nowa Muzyka; all of which have led him to be honored to play at the legendary Instytut festival in Warsaw back in 2017. More than just creating his own projects, Piotr also works as a producer — mixing, mastering, engineering, and helping many artists achieve their dream sounds.

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Apart from creating music, Piotr has been hosting the “Essentia Electronica radio show” at Off Radio Krakow station since 2015-2021. The show became one of the most important promotion hubs for the local electronic music scene, artists, collectives, and clubs in Krakow.

Due to Russian aggression on Ukraine, the artist decided to make the EP available for free on Bandcamp. He encourages fans to use the money spent on music to help Ukraine.

100% of profits from all other music platforms where it’s not possible to make EP freely available will be given to the cause.  Find other donation links at the end of the article.

‘White Lies’ EP Debuts March 4th 

On this four-tracker EP, listeners can find a little lighter side of Piotr’s music combined with yet dark, groovy, heavy textured, and dancefloor-oriented components. ‘White Lies’ opens the EP with solid drums and grooves combined with housey shuffles, and atmospheric breakdowns to top it all off. The second track, ‘The Message’ rolls in with gritty and heavily infused broken timbres that explore the darker and eerie side of club music.

Listen: Piotr Figiel “White Lies” – RWETES

The third track, ‘Hm Ah Argh’ counterparts its fourth track, ‘Hm Ah Argh’ with both dive deep into the realms of minimal techno. Closing the EP, ‘Hm Ah Argh’, takes after simple, old-school techno but with an evolving twist. Visually the EP is beautifully illustrated by Polish artist Łukasz Brzeziński (aka Holzwege).

Donation links: 

Polish Red Cross

Connect with Piotr Figiel: WebsiteSoundCloudFacebookBeatportInstagram