Pioneer DJ Launches the DDJ-RZX All-In-One Audio and Visual Controller

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 01, 2016

Pioneer DJ Launches the DDJ-RZX All-In-One Audio and Visual Controller


Pioneer does it again. Think of an all-in-one unit that incorporates features from the CDJ-2000, DJM-900 Nexus, as well as live visuals control via Pioneer’s Rekordbox Video and you have the brand new DDJ-RZX.

The latest addition to the DJ controller world goes leaps and bounds beyond anything the DJ gear fanatics have seen so far. A welcome competitor to the latest releases by Native Instruments, Pioneer’s DDJ-RZX has grouped a long list of features to provide a complete product for artists attempting to do more behind the decks of a controller.

The features of the industry-standard CDJs-2000 are perfectly mimicked via the “media player” section of the controller, coupled with a brightly-lit sample section featuring Beat Sync, quantize and trim. On the mixer side, the console attempts to replicate the set-up of the familiar DJM-900 Nexus, with 4 channels and an FX unit that includes Mic FX, Combo FX, Sampler Repeat and Release FX, as well as the Sound Color FX. Not to be outdone by other top-of-the-line controllers, the DDJ-RZX model includes three 7-in LED screens which highlight the same complete track details as users see on the CDJ-2000NXS, on top of displaying the loops and Hot Cues when in mixer display mode.

And to think that the most revolutionary element of this new hardware hasn’t even been mentioned yet! Included in Pioneer’s latest product is Rekordbox Video, the company’s latest software offering in direct competition with Serato on the visual element of today’s electronic music market. With the DDJ-RZX, a DJ will be able to load images and video files and output them to linked projectors or screens, or to include a USB-connected camera to the set-up for an added live video element to the set. Essentially, the technology allows the artist to fully incorporate live visuals on the fly to their mix, enabling them to modulate the video feel with the deck controls available before him.

Although the DDJ-RZX won’t win every heart, it sure brings a lot more to the table than past controllers on the market, especially in the form of a more complete approach for artists looking to incorporate more to their DJ sets.

For more information on the DDJ-RZX, which is priced at $3000, visit Pioneer’s official DDJ-RZX page.

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