PILO Brings Substance Event Series to Los Angeles

Author : Lee Trotter
December 13, 2015

PILO Brings Substance Event Series to Los Angeles


Techno in a dark intimate basement with a well curated vision for electronic music. That’s the dominant theme with Substance, a new monthly event at The Globe Theater with PILO and The Well at the helm.

The initial launch of the event was billed with PILO, Escor Krist, Stevie Be, and a surprise guest. Rather fitting with PILO and company’s association to Boys Noize Recordings, the special guest was label-chief himself, Boys Noize, who delivered a master class in amped up and downright fun techno for the evening.

“I think the element of mystery and surprise are exciting things to work with. Having Boys Noize join in on Substance 001 was an honor. After being on tour in Europe & USA with him, it was very satisfying to have the label be apart of the first Substance ever! We will have a special guest coming up for Substance 002 as well” – PILO

The concept of the surprise guest is done in an incredibly authentic manner for Substance, and it gives a traditional night out a little something extra to look forward to. When asked how Substance will contribute to the local techno scene in Los Angeles, PILO had the following to say:

“There’s so much talent in LA and it’s becoming a hub for artists all over the globe. Seeing this as an opportunity, I created a space with THE WELL for people to go and to experience techno fully – a spot where no matter the artists, good techno is being played. The structure of this night is not to be like any other club night. My intentions are to keep it RAW. No set times, a cool as fuck venue, and a sense of belonging, but also to keep it to the bare necessities. You come for the music and that’s it period… “

Substance 001 hit on all the points mentioned above, and is undoubtedly at the beginning of something special for weeknight techno in Los Angeles. Substance 002 will be setting up shop in the Basement at The Globe Wednesday December 16th with guests Hej Fund & Grenier of the Sister City imprint, Aden from Ultramajic, PILO, and of course, the monthly special guest.

Stay connected with Substance and PILO for more information