Parnassvs’ Etre EP Marks His Return to Eclipse Recordings

Etre EP by Parnassvs marks a return to Eclipse Recordings
Author : Nathan Christopher
March 18, 2021

Parnassvs’ Etre EP Marks His Return to Eclipse Recordings

Parnassvs’ Etre EP marks the producer’s return to Eclipse Recordings adding to his quality discography. As both a trance and techno producer, Parnassvs has released numerous tracks for both genres. He is known for crossing over styles, borrowing elements from one another, and seamlessly incorporating them into his productions.

With his first release on Evolution Vol.11, Parnassvs returns to Eclipse Recordings with a full, two-track EP. Etre, the title track, is rhythmic and dark with an anthemic breakdown and haunting vocals. The Seraph brings more of a traditional peak hour techno sound but still maintains Parnassvs’ signature melodic drive and tones throughout the track.

Parnassvs is making quite the name for himself as his discography grows. Blurring the line between techno and trance continues to be a source of inspiration for this multi-faceted producer. Parnassvs is set to become a label boss himself, through no shortage of hard work, and rightfully so. His rise in both the techno and trance fields has crafted a clear path for him.

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