Options For Your Old DJ Gear

Author : 6AM
June 07, 2019

Options For Your Old DJ Gear

Technology moves at a fast pace these days and audio/music technology is no exception. Due to this there will come a point when as a DJ you will have to upgrade your equipment for better performance. But unless the DJ gear to be replaced is truly no longer in good working condition, throwing it in the trash would be a real shame, not to mention that this would not be helpful for the environment.

Fortunately, there are better alternatives for your old DJ gear. These options not only lessen the impact on people’s health and the environment, they also put your gear into good use in a way that others will benefit from.

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If your old DJ gear is still functional to use but you have to let it go, why not donate it to those who may need it? This could be a great option, especially if the gear gets to those who are starting out to be a DJ but do not have the means to buy the expensive equipment.

There are a lot of institutions and schools that accept donated equipment, especially in the United States and Canada. Some of them include the following:

  • Scratch DJ Academy (New York, Miami, Chicago, LA)
  • Hollywood Arts (Los Angeles)
  • My Friend’s Place (Los Angeles)
  • Village Glen High School (Los Angeles)
  • L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Program (Los Angeles)
  • Scratch Lab (Toronto)
  • Off Centre DJ School (Toronto)
  • Goodwill (US + Canada)
  • Point Blank (United Kingdom)

Try to get in touch with any of these institutions for details on how to donate. At the same time, there are probably others that are not listed so feel free to search for more.


Unfortunately, most DJ gear manufacturers do not have recycling take-back programs in place, but there are a few:

  • Apple not only encourages recycling. They also incentivize on it by giving customers an Apple Store Gift card for the value of your old device. Send them your old iPhone, iPad, or computer (Mac and PCs are accepted) and if the electronics have monetary value, Apple will ship a gift card. If not, Apple will recycle it free of charge.
  • Denon USA has started their own recycling program in the US in which Denon players qualify.
  • Pioneer DJ EU in the UK provides local recycling facilities for electrical equipment. Their recycling policy allows customers to take their used equipment to local recycling centers, free of charge.

As an alternative, there are many local recycling centers around the world that accept old equipment. It may be necessary to do some research regarding their locations and what kind of goods they accept. Also important to note here that recycling policies differ from country to country, so do some diligent research before proceeding.


If you are looking for some extra cash along the way, then selling your equipment could be a viable option. Nowadays, it is easy to sell your gear thanks to online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Craigslist. There are also other avenues you may want to explore such as newspaper ads and online forum markets. Just remember to check out the online prices for similar used models, be open to negotiation, and keep in mind that potential buyers will usually give you an offer that may be less than the price you ask. Just remember to have your bottom line price in mind when negotiating.

Trade-in or Swap

If you want to save money on buying new equipment while ensuring your old DJ gear does not end in the trash, doing trade-ins or swaps is a great option. The good news is many retailers are offering these programs for gently-used equipment. Among them are:

  • Guitar Center will accept DJ mixers, CD players, and Technics Turntables. Some stores might accept MIDI controllers as well.
  • Best Buy’s trade in program lets you trade your used electronics for Best Buy Gift Cards, subject to eligibility of the equipment. Otherwise, they might recycle your equipment free of charge, with their free recycling program for electronics, available regardless of where the item was purchased.

In addition, there are a few places online where DJs can swap their DJ gear. Or you may consider getting in touch with DJ friends or those in DJ groups if they can trade their gear with you.