One in Five Night Clubs have Closed since The Pandemic, Study Shows

One in five clubs close
Author : Max Spruill
August 03, 2022

One in Five Night Clubs have Closed since The Pandemic, Study Shows

A new study from The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) through CGA reveals that one in five nightclubs in the UK have closed down since the beginning of the pandemic – leaving 20% fewer clubs in the country than there open in early 2020.

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According to the study, the number of nightclubs in the UK peaked in 2006 with around 3,000 venues and has been in a steady decline since then. That number now sits at around one-third of the amount today.

During the course of those 16 years, the UK has lost around 2,000 clubs – factoring in new additions – with nearly 300 of those closing in the past two years since the pandemic began.

NTIA reported that in March 2020, there were 1,418 clubs across the UK per their last study, while today’s number shows that just 1,130 are left standing, proving a 20% decrease since the start of the pandemic.

“Late night economy businesses were one of the quickest sectors to rebound during the financial crash many years ago, harbouring an abundance of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit,” said the NTIA’s Michael Kill.

“It’s without a doubt that these businesses, particularly nightclubs, have a huge part to play in the regeneration of high streets in towns and cities across the UK.”

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In recent weeks, a number of clubs have closed or announced their imminent closure across London including Printworks, Space 289, and warning of closure from Heaven and G-A-Y venues.

“The Government needs to recognise the economic, cultural, and community value of clubs and the wider night time economy. We must protect these businesses, using every means possible, and recognize their importance before it’s too late,” said Kill.

Despite the government offering grants and loans to keep businesses alive during the pandemic, a common issue found amongst club closures is hiking rent prices amidst the cost of living crisis.

“Every single town has a lost nightclub they feel very strongly about, that was part of our history and our heritage,” said Labour’s Shadow Leveling Up Secretary, Lisa Nandy, who argued that reopening local favourite clubs in struggling areas could “boost the economy”, according to NTIA.

Originally reported by MixMag.