Oliver Rosemann & Sebastian Rothermel Launch “Recorded Things” Imprint With a Series of 8 Tracks Called “Season One”

Oliver Rosemann - Recorded Things
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 18, 2021

Oliver Rosemann & Sebastian Rothermel Launch “Recorded Things” Imprint With a Series of 8 Tracks Called “Season One”

Recorded Things is a straight techno label just founded by Oliver Rosemann and Sebastian Rothermel. The kickoff for the new label starts with a series of 8 tracks in a row called Season One.

Every Friday from the 19th February the label will release a new track to all digital stores including Bandcamp. The Season final is crowned with a Vinyl Release containing 4 tracks of Season One and 2 additional Locked Grooves.

Season One is fully featured by “Oliver Rosemann” himself. He delivers a straight and direct techno foundation with his own twist on 8 mental and hypnotic tracks. Take a ride from gentle distorted drums and cutting hi hats to precise filters baselines, futuristic stereo atmospheres mixed with alternating pattern and mind boggling synth lines.

More on Oliver Rosemann & Recorded Things

Rosemann is a german artist based in Leipzig near Berlin. Since the mid-90s he is into producing music and playing DJ- or Live Sets. His sound is influenced by the techno of his starting years, the years when he raved and fell in love with the genre as an artist himself. You will find his productions, and this mix too, to be dark, straight, driven and hypnotic.

His tracks find their way to many great labels. Some of them are Pfirther’s MindTrip, Bas Mooy’s MORD, Spanish powerhouse label PoleGroup, Konsequent Records, RAW RAW Rec or Stockholm LTD to name a few, finding their way on esteemed platforms such as the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Series mixed by Rebekah and in the sets of many of techno’s leading artists.

Listen to Global Vibe Radio 212 Feat. Oliver Rosemann (Recorded Things)


Performing both as a DJ and as a Live artist, Oliver Rosemann has performed on stages across Europe, delivering gripping and energetic techno trips.

In 2021 Oliver Rosemann joins Sebastian Rothermel in the launch of their Recorded Things record label.

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