Offenbach am Main City Guide with Wigbert

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 04, 2018

Offenbach am Main City Guide with Wigbert

Wigbert ensures complete unblinkered “Recognition” with this exceptional MOOD EP.

Three slices of imagination arresting techno, conjured on the Offenback am Main artist’s analogue armory; Ageless adventures: all three of these cuts could have landed at any point in the last 20 years (or land any time in the next 20) and blow minds. Building on a signature developed on the likes of Second State, SCI+TEC, Break New Soil and many more on-point imprints, if you haven’t recognized Wigbert’s unquenchable rise over the last few years Recognition will make sure you do now.

Wigbert‘s Recognition EP is out now via Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD label. You can buy/listen to the release here.

We asked Wigbert to share his five favorite spots in his home town, which sits just across the river from Frankfurt.


Mediterranean food meets African kitchen.

The first time I went there, I was surprised when I come into the restaurant. The outside of the building is nondescript, but it turns when you go inside. They have a nice outdoor area, which feels very nature, although the restaurant is in the nordend of the city. Finally, how is the food? Simply amazing! Everything what I tasted is great. You find interesting combinations like red onion and goat cheese ravioli with red and yellow paprika chutney, cottage cheese and saffron foam. But it doesn’t matter what you want to order, you can’t go wrong with it.

Robert Johnson

This club counts to one of the famous clubs worldwide and it’s nice to have it in front of my door. It’s cozy, like a living room and it’s abstract to keep the focus on the essential things. No photos or videos are allowed during the party. The sound system from Martin Audio is incredible and you can lose yourself for hours on the dancefloor. One of the great thing which make this club something special, is the view on the river from the balcony. Especially in the morning hours when sun grows up, it gives the atmosphere that magical moment.

MTW Club / Studio Offenbach

The next unique club. The MTW Club is downstairs to the Robert Johnson and has also a Martin Audio sound system installed in the main room. It’s the bigger brother version of the pa from the Johnson, but you need it for this large room. The sound is punchy, very clear and I would call it definitely as a reference. Whenever I can, I go there to test my new tracks before the club opens the door. It has a beautiful terrace with that special view on the river and enough space for open air events in the summer. Finally I have to say, it’s a familiar club and the crowd is very thankful.


This is the record shop of my first choice, runs by my friends Christian and Matthias. I don’t like to describe it as a typical record shop, for example they don’t have regular opening times. But the best thing is, they have so many good stuff there! Really! Music you never heard before and you’ll definitely find there very rare records. If you ever visit Offenbach, you have to get in touch with these guys via the website and take time to digging some vinyl in their shop.

Leonhard-Eißnert-Park and See us There


The Leonard-Eißnert-Park is perfect if you want switch off your mind and to relax. Pure nature and a lot of space to feel free or to play with your dog for example. There is a climbing park too. Every year an open air called “See Us There” will be organized. It’s a very familiar open air in the heart of the beautiful Park in Offenbach am Main.


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