An ODE to ALL Who Support Their Partner’s Electronic Music Journey

Ode Valentine
Author : Jia Wang
February 14, 2022

An ODE to ALL Who Support Their Partner’s Electronic Music Journey

Dedicating this Valentine’s Day Ode to ALL the girlfriends, boyfriends, life-partners, and spouses who deeply and wholeheartedly support their significant other’s electronic music journey. Anyone who has dated someone in the electronic music industry (even if you’re not together anymore) knows how difficult it is to keep up with the pace and lifestyle when their significant other is deep into the scene. This can be a touring artist, promoter, agent, manager, PR, production crew, tour manager, media and any other position you can think of that serves this electronic music industry.

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At first glance, the access to unlimited guest lists and backstage passes may seem cool and fun until it’s not, and this whole thing can get old very quickly. Then the realization settles in that this is what their partner has chosen as their passion for life but it’s suddenly too late because they’re already deeply in love. So here it goes for the ones that went along with the electronic music journey. This one is for you on behalf of the entire electronic music industry…

An ode to the partner who is taking on this journey with us
May you understand that this was our decision
Perhaps we never fully communicated
Because our passion was just too dedicated
Moments behind us can’t be replicated
So we use them as a memory, but everything now is just so complicated
Thank you for your deep understanding
When no one around us was clapping and supporting
You were the one that said we’ll do great
Perhaps this is why you are my fate
The late nights we go out just to see what it’s about
The restless mornings that made your face pout
We’re truly grateful for every moment you’re there
Sometimes we forget and act like we don’t care
So this is an ode to prove you so
That our love for you is more than Just Techno
But please understand that this is our passion
That somehow turned into our life’s mission
So every day we grind just so we can grow
Into the person that shines and glow
Because happiness is what we are ultimately striving
But it’s hard when we feel like we are not thriving
So we keep our heads down and we keep on grinding
But this is the reason we hear you complaining
So this is an ode to clear up some misunderstanding
Our love for you will never diminish
As long as you promise to let us finish
The journey we embarked on can get very dark
Understand that you’re the light that makes us spark
We love you with all our hearts even though we sometimes don’t show you
But please understand we’ll be finished if we lose you
So this is an ode to conclude our feelings
May our passion and our music bring mutual healings

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