OBSERVE: A New Techno Beginning in Los Angeles Starting November 24th

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 15, 2018

OBSERVE: A New Techno Beginning in Los Angeles Starting November 24th

For the last 15 years, Droid Behavior and their INTERFACE event series have become synonymous with Los Angeles’ now-thriving techno scene.

There is no doubt that the two brands have been at the forefront of the LA techno world, pushing a sound that was once widely rejected in the city. The team built something great out of nothing, pouring blood, sweat and tears to overcome obstacles, doubters and resistance to build a foundation upon which all techno events in Los Angeles have been built since.

At 6AM we recognize the crucial role INTERFACE events have had in the creating of the techno scene in this city, a scene which makes it possible for us to contribute with our own events today. In fact, most of us at 6AM can directly pinpoint to the exact INTERFACE event that set us down this techno road we are still enjoying today. For us, it was these events that directly lead us to fall in love with techno and, as a result, want to work in this industry.

As drumcell and Truncate announced today via social media, while Droid currently remains dormant for an unforeseeable future, a portion of the crew behind those revolutionary events has decided to move forward with a new vision and a new project: OBSERVE.

The statement posted paints a clear picture as to the pure intents of this new project:

“There is nothing more humbling than once being at the top and moving back to starting all over from scratch. This is a challenge we are embracing and are inspired by. We have no intentions of trying to entice people with huge lineups, relying on the social media popularity of an artist in order to sell tickets, or buying into the false images people project in order to display ego fueled elitism. We intend to curate an evening of immersive experiences where one can display the many diverse faces of techno in a new fresh way that we feel LA has not explored. We hope we have earned the trust of our hometown, and with that trust, we want to set a new standard that makes us remember why we loved this music in the first place.” – OBSERVE

The first OBSERVE event is set to take place on Saturday, November 24th. The Thanksgiving weekend tradition, thus, continues with this new venture. The event will be an immersive experience that pays homage to the artists that have been an integral part of this techno vision in Los Angeles from day one, with music courtesy of drumcell, Truncate and DJ Hyperactive, while the visual concept will continue thanks to OKTAform.

This will be an intimate event and will sell out.

Pre-sales are STRONGLY recommended and can be gotten here.