Honey Dijon, Black Coffee, Ben UFO, KiNK (live) to Play Oasis Festival Morocco 2020

Oasis Morocco 2020 Phase 1 lineup
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 02, 2020

Honey Dijon, Black Coffee, Ben UFO, KiNK (live) to Play Oasis Festival Morocco 2020

The first wave of acts to perform at Oasis Festival Morocco 2020 have been announced. Once again the festival that is undoubtedly North Africa’s premier electronic music festival, continues to show pair incredible cutting edge music with the unique culture, traditions and art of its home city and continent, all set within one of the world’s most unique festival venues.

Oasis line-ups have always blended international headliners and North African rising stars, 2020 will be no different with Honey Dijon, Solomun, Hunee, Ben UFO, Identified Patient, Perel, KiNK and others joining Moroccan talents like Fazee, Jilaa, Malika and Myriam. The festival has been a catalyst for the local scene, exposing international audiences to African artists, labels and crews.

In recent years, Oasis has expanded beyond the electronic genre to include unique live performances and global hip-hop beats. The festival has become a gateway to explore the vibrant culture of North Africa and the continent, with Oasis broadening its programming through partnerships with fashion and art collectives, including Art Comes First, who will return in 2020.

Oasis takes place in a truly magical setting, a short drive from Marrakech’s famed medina, perched under the watchful eyes of the majestic High Atlas Mountains. Attendees can get lost amidst the date palms, villas and cactus gardens of the intimate festival resort grounds while enjoying on-site swimming pools and yoga sessions, and experiencing ancient local traditions such as tea ceremonies and hookah, as well as the region’s famed cuisine served by handpicked local vendors.

Oasis’ headliners cross the electronic music spectrum, and the phase one line-up contains an equal gender split of male and female performers, which is a welcome step in the right direction within the global electronic music world.

Oasis Festival Morocco 2020

Oasis Festival Morocco 2020

Beyond the headlinders, the first phase of Moroccan talent on the bill champions artists who are contributing to their national scene, and flying the flag for their country across Europe and beyond. Jilaa is a key member of the Rabat community, founding the Raw Origins label, and launching one of the city’s early house podcasts, before relocating to Paris. He’s since returned to Rabat and currently oversees the sqnc event series which has brought DJs like Rhadoo and tINI to Morocco.

Fazee is a European based DJ, whose brave, challenging and genre-bending sets have earned her slots at revered international venues such as Concrete and Rex Club in Paris. Malika’s relentless crate-digging led her out of Casablanca into a career as a full-time curator and record shop hopper, her broad palette saw her make her MUTEK debut in 2018 and play clubs such as Robert Johnson and the infamous Club der Visionäre in Berlin. While Caablancan Myriam, who happens to be a psychologist as well as DJ, will also share her unique take on deep, melodic techno with the Oasis crowd.

Also announced in phase one are some of electronic music’s most exciting and upwardly mobile international artists including NTS resident and Ninja Tune recording artist Nabihah Iqbal, whose expansive electronic music has been heavily influenced by Africa.

The Oasis Festival delivers a singular adventure and a unique way to soak up the rich offerings of Morocco. By-day visitors can explore the history and vibrancy of one of Africa’s most exciting cities, and by-night enjoy three open-air stages of world class programming and unique local traditions set amidst the festival’s entrancing and intimate grounds.

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