Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman Launch New Phyxix Project With First Collaborative EP

Phyxix: Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 09, 2020

Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman Launch New Phyxix Project With First Collaborative EP

Attendees of a few select festivals in 2019 were lucky enough to witness Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman, two of techno’s most in-demand artists, perform back-to-back. As the two artists gelled behind the decks, they decided to take that chemistry to the studio and form a new project, called Phyxix.

Whether you were there to witness their back-to-back sets in person, watched clips of the sets online or listened to their recorded Awakenings Festival set on SoundCloud, it’s likely you wondered whether the collaboration would morph into something more. After all, their performances seemed so inspired that many wondered just how long the two had been working alongside each other. It is no surprise then, to see the birth of their Phyxix project, the natural outcome of a progression that began behind the decks and moved to the studio, carried over by a shared love for techno and a relationship built on mutual respect and true friendship.

It was only natural for Ø [Phase], real name Ashley Burchett, and Matrixxman, born Charlie M. Duff, to translate their synergy behind the decks into a fully-fledged collaboration duo project, and the results we are listening to today underscore just how well their musical minds work together.

“As the tracks came together we decided we wanted to create a new project with its own aesthetic.” — Phyxix

The duo’s first EP is out today via the band’s own imprint and is titled Phyxix 001 and is available now via their Bandcamp page. Don’t let the simplistic title distract you from the power of the three tracks in the EP: they pack both the signature punch that Ø [Phase] and Matrixxman are independently known for, yet carry over both the Detroit influences that have shaped their careers as well as hypnotic elements that drive each track home directly to the dance floor, where they’re intended to be played.

Phyxix promises more releases in the coming months and, we are sure, live performances once events are back in full throttle.

Listen to a ten-minute excerpt from Phyxix 001 below:


More About Ø [Phase]

Ø [Phase] (real name Ashley Burchett) has been producing and mastering techno since the early 2000s and is best known for his output on Token.

More About Matrixxman

Matrixxman (aka Charlie M Duff) has been producing a steady stream of stripped-down analog house and techno for labels like Dekmantel and Planet Rhythm.

Listen to Phyxix perform at Awakenings Festival 2019:


Phyxix 001 Track Listing:

1. Fabryk
2. Sisters
3. Ominosus

Phyxix 001 is out now and available on Bandcamp HERE

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