Nothing Normal with DSTM

Nothing Normal DSTM
Author : Max Spruill
March 27, 2023

Nothing Normal with DSTM

DSTM tried being normal once, and it was the worst 2 minutes of his life. Nothing more need be said to set the tone for the eccentric masked techno maestro.

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Not much is known about the mysterious man who at times can be seen wielding a baseball bat. But what we do know is that he knocks it out of the park when he steps up to the plate swinging around his techno.

With an upcoming album release slated for the end of April and a tour through Colombia set for later this August, DSTM sits down with SIX AM to slowly reveal his ideals hiding behind the mask.Nothing Normal DSTM


Welcome back to 6AM, DSTM. We’ve covered a lot of your releases and even had you share your Guest Mix with us back in May of last year. Tell us what’s been new with you in 2023. 

I’m so pleased to be back on 6AM as I treasure all of my past collaborations with you guys. 2023 has started in the best way possible: lots of traveling for gigs and full-time in the studio to prepare for my first album. Last month I did my first India tour ever and in August I will do my first Colombia tour, I will debut in.

6AM Guest Mix: DSTM


How artists define themselves can also transpire in their creations. You’ve said that: “I tried being normal once. Worst two minutes of my life.” Can you share how you came to this perspective and how it influences your craft? 

It’s a sentence that has been around for many years, so when I read it I fell in love with it. Being too normal isn’t good for anyone. I believe we all need our moments outside the norm, that moment for me is just a bit longer. Dstm trying to be different is working great.

You also feel strongly about social injustices, equality, and inclusion in our society. Have you seen any injustices in the music community, especially in the house and techno community? How do you tackle these injustices? 

Unfortunately, the injustices in the music industry are obvious to everyone – but we can tackle them without making propaganda. The less we mention them, the better for everyone.

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Speaking of the music we’ve covered from you, we’d love to get into your upcoming project that’ll be released this March. We don’t want to spoil too much of your release, but it’s definitely another banger. What was your creative mindset behind creating this track?

March and April will be very intense months: 2 tracks EP with the techno legend D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s label Hydraulix; a record with Sterling Moss on Rebeltek; 4 tracks on DSR Digital which is been rated one of the best hard techno labels of 2022 on Beatport; my first album called “Fight the System“ made of 10 tracks on Dstm Music, with a new music video, followed by a release of 4 Techno tracks EP on my own label. My first album is a collection of old and new tracks with Rock/Punk influences, then regarding the techno releases, I’ve tried to push the boundaries with a new take on a retrospective visit to the 90s’ techno sound.

With this release, what are you expecting audiences to feel with this project?

I’m expecting to see the dance floor filled with the older generation who has been missing the old techno sound, along with the new generation who are about to discover it.

Premiere: DSTM “Hint of Mint” – DSR Digital

Thanks for joining again, Dstm. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

After the entire world being put on hold for 2 years, it feels great to see everyone back on the dance floor enjoying music and good times with friends. Watch this space, lots of exciting things coming up!Nothing Normal DSTM

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