Nørbak Launches New Label NRBK With His EP ‘Sátira’

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
April 22, 2022

Nørbak Launches New Label NRBK With His EP ‘Sátira’

Known for his precision in ambient and experimental techno, Nørbak’s (aka Artur Moreira) productions have always been focused on quality over quantity. He incorporates detailed sound designs that hit a nerve of gravitation from any listener. The Portugal-based artist has always had a clear devotion to music. Even now, as someone who lives and breathes his craft, he continues to work hard in his studio day after day.

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Nørbak will also be showcasing at WORK, an event presented at 6AM and Synthetik Minds. WORK will be welcoming Nørbak for his Los Angeles debut on May 21, 2022.

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His authentic sounds eventually led him to join Hayes in 2019, a Portuguese label and independent collective. As an active member of the label, Nørbak is always pushing various styles of modern techno that are otherwise futuristic. As for notability, well-respected DJS that continue to show support for Nørbak within the scene have been Oscar Mulero, Dasha Rush, Jonas Kopp, and many others.

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Like any entrepreneur that is great at what they do, and loves what they do, he soon curated his own imprint NRBK. Still up-and-coming, the label has only released Nørbak’s latest April 15th EP release, ‘Sátira’. The EP is an inaugural reflection of his label as the EP explores new boundless territories. The EP incorporates juxtaposed rhythms that explore the feeling of empty outer space and diaphanous atmospherics. Terse rhythms are also overlaid by dense, celestial pads – serving as a deus ex machina; an unexpected, saving power.

Listen: Nørbak “Sátira” – HATE

Album artwork by: Artur Moreira, João Frederico


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