Nodo & Mule: Top 10 South American House and Techno Records

Nodo & Mule
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 19, 2020

Nodo & Mule: Top 10 South American House and Techno Records

Argentina’s Nodo & Mule make their debut on Loot Recordings with three wonderfully deep tracks backed with remixes from Viktop and Lucefora.

Nodo & Mule are relative newcomers to the scene, bringing their fresh take on emotive house music from the streets of Argentina to the world, via imprints like Oleeva, Canopy Sounds and Magician on Duty. Now they join forces with the always impressive Loot Recordings for an EP that is set to cement their position on the international stage.

Title cut ‘Amistad’ is an elegant offering of deep, summertime house, a slow burner backed by the rhythm of crisp drums and bottomless low end. A dreamy, hazy piano drifts throughout the track, immersing the listener with delicate notes and warm chords. ‘Ambar’ centers on a medley of gentle piano chords and a striking vocal, wrapped with organic, lush drum patterns. The original is complimented by a remix from Viktop (Denver by way of Miami, Do Not Sit on the Furniture resident) who delivers an intense reworking of the original, giving the vocal a more ethereal effect and incorporating the piano riffs and chords to make this a standout reinterpretation.

Last of the original cuts is the mysterious ‘Azahar’ featuring a mesmerizing arrangement of tribal percussion and tinkling pianos which offers up a melancholic soundtrack for desert sunrises and island sunsets. Fellow Argentinian Lucefora turns in his “Into The Wild” remix, a gorgeous version that maintains the groove of the original combined with playful melodies and euphoric vocals that hit all the right emotions.

This is another winning release from the Loot Recordings stable and their latest international signing. As we enjoy this refreshing release, we asked the duo to share their 10 favorite tracks from South American house and techno producers.

Enjoy the playlist below.

1. Altocamet – Te Invito (Carlos Alfonsin Remix)

Carlos Alfonsin, is a pioneer and mainstay in Argentine electronic music since 1991, and has had a beautiful career. He surprised us with a remix of Altocamet (1995). This song has phrases by Adrian Valenzuela and the choirs of Mariana Monjeau, which invite you to be part of this magic moment. A very elegant and at the same time hypnotic song.

2. Bodaishin & Izhy – Samantha

Samantha is like a door onto the jungle, where you are greeted by deep sounds and distant keys that show you where to go. The textures give you a very real context and tell you that this jungle may be thicker than you think, until the oasis comes from the hand of a grand piano to tell you that you are on the right track.

3. Nebula (AR) – Enter

This duo are two friends with a great vision about music, they have a perfect balance between mystery and beauty. Their productions maintain great intensity and at the same time moments of introspective reflection. This particular song has the right recipe to start a fantastic night.

4. Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor feat. Nauel – Underworld

Two Argentines with a lot of talent and versatility. In this song they work together with vocalist Nauel. With hypnotizing, sweet lyrics, they transport us to a story very well told by the instrumentation, the sounds fall on the groove like waves on the sea and the voices become the wind that pushes them. Great contribution within a playlist.

5. Kevin Di Serna – Sacred Life

Kevin makes healing music, surprising in every production. Today he is involved in a different sound, but the message is the same. In this song, he uses textures of birds to enter a natural and organic climate like the melody that Celesta repeats, no words are needed to tell you “ breathe and stop for a moment”. You will know that everything around you is conspiring in your favour.

6. Simon Vuarambon – Firedance feat. Sidartha Siliceo

Simon is a great Artist. This track together with Patrick (Lost Desert) & Sidartha Siliceo, is like a beautiful desert climate. The wood sound dominates among the percussions as well as the resonance of the sitar. All the elements that make up the entire track are in perfect harmony. He is undoubtedly one of my favourite artists

7. Marian (AR) – Perceptions

Marian is an emerging artist with great potential. His second ep presents us Perceptions, an aggressive groove with hypnotic guitars that at times begin to sweeten your heart when the time comes.
The beauty of his productions are giving him the recognition he deserves.

8. Lucefora – Over

Gustavo a.k.a Lucefora offers us a superb house track, with a vocal that refers to Soul that puts us in a climate that is both danceable and beautiful. The Marimbas bring us a certain warmth that, once the time is right, becomes one of the most beautiful landscapes , I couldn’t think of better producer to be part of our next Release on Loot Records. Great things await this artist, I promise you.

9. Ale Russo – Under The Moon (Maxi Degrassi Remix)

Ale Russo and Maxi Degrassi are two very talented Argentines, Ale provided a great story, with a tribal but organic character. Maxi proposed a more subtle groove, with several layers of marimbas with a unique warmth. His work is softer . It has parentheses within the track with very beautiful content.

10. Alejandro Mosso – Mounivers

This song is part of the second album by Argentine producer Alejandro Mosso. I think it is warm, emotional and nostalgic, but not dark or sad. It is percussive and melodic but not relaxed and Balearic. It is tribal and organic.

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