Preview: No. 19 Spring Sampler

Author : Lee Trotter
March 08, 2015

Preview: No. 19 Spring Sampler

No 19 Album Art featuredThere’s a lot to look forward to this month, the No. 19 Spring Sampler being one of the main items on the menu. The twelve-track sampler features tracks from many of the No. 19 mainstays, as well as some new treatments from the likes of Guti and Hector. From start to finish the No. 19 Spring Sampler is a showcase of beautifully constructed electronic pieces that expresses the range of both the artists and label alike.

No. 19 has just put up the previews for the Spring Sampler on their Soundcloud with a release date set for March 16th, just in time to unleash these at WMC. Good luck trying to pick out your favorites because these all have a tremendous amount of character.

No. 19 on: Facebook | Soundcloud | Juno Download | Beatport

The first track opens up with I See, a track written by No. 19’s co-owner, Nitin. The track is incredibly calming with vibrant house vibes, and couldn’t be a better track to set up the rest of the Spring Sampler.

Nitin – I See

Argentinian house and piano guru, Guti, steps up on the second track with Ruski bringing a low-end thumper with an impeccable piano groove. We expect nothing less from Guti, and seeing him on the No. 19 Spring Sampler is quite a refreshing treat.

Guti – Ruski

One of the No. 19 mainstays, Maher Daniel, takes us to a very distant place. That place is Into the Stars in which he constructs an atmosphere that makes one ponder the very construct of space and time, all while maintaining a strong groove that is sure to give any system a workout.

Maher Daniel – Into the Stars

Lines of Entropy by Eric Volta & Brohn showcases their control in the studio. Delicately crafting and manipulating the synths and sounds into an array of sonic bliss, it’s easy to see why Eric Volta and Brohn are staples in this industry.

Eric Volta & Brohn – Lines of Entropy

Kenny Glasgow delivers Be Strong, a wobbly monster that will have the dance floor in an absolute frenzy. Lush pads provide brief relief to the dominant energy that comes from the rest of the track.

Kenny Glasgow – Be Strong

The bassline on Louie Fresco’s Anonymity is going to do some serious damage in the dark clubrooms over the coming months. The track takes on modular elements along with synthetic textured drums to make this one a proper deep techno churner.

Louie Fresco – Anonymity

Hector makes his No. 19 debut with High Times, a vibrant house track that will undoubtedly see some serious play throughout WMC. Superb pads, drums, and house chords are the name of the game here, and Hector serves up an excellent cut of warm vibes for the sampler.

Hector – High Times

Jonathan Lee brings in some vibes from left-field on Loyal Suns. A filtered arpeggio comes in and out sporadically keeping us guessing, making this a perfect late night weapon for those with an open mind.

Jonathan Lee – Loyal Suns

The No. 19 Spring Sampler keeps getting stronger. With the 9th track on the sampler we’re exposed to a dark techy affair with Silky and Dadon’s Move. The track itself is enough to make it a dance floor bomb, but add in the thought provoking vocals of Cari Golden and you have yourself one of the standout tracks on the sampler.

Silky, Dadon, and Cari Golden – Move

Moreon & Baffa take things in a deep direction filled with excellent momentum as the sampler approaches it’s final few tracks. Dubby chords run alongside distant atmospheres and when the rides come in, one can’t help but feel as if they’re right at home on their favorite dance floor.

Moreon & Baffa – Mare de Due

While Moreon & Baffa took things in a deep direction, Clayton Steele chooses to take things up a notch with Action. Between the bassline and the head rolling high hats, we expect this one to find it’s way into many crates and playlists for the coming months.

Clayton Steele – Action

The sampler comes to a close with Long Shot, a soothing piece courtesy of Jade. Jade finds a fantastic balance between vibes in this one. Depending on the vibe one wishes to establish this track can evoke many feelings at any point in the night.

Jade – Long Shot