Nico Purman a.k.a. NOSUCHKEY: My 5 Favorite Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 03, 2019

Nico Purman a.k.a. NOSUCHKEY: My 5 Favorite Records

NOSUCHKEY makes a bold debut on the Art of Memory label with a deadly four track EP of masterfully reduced but stylish and evocative minimal techno.

NOSUCHKEY is actually a side project from AOM label boss Nico Purman. He served up the first two releases on the label and this new alias is focused on straight forward techno. Over more than a decade Purman has established himself on Vakant, Crosstown Rebels and Curle, and now heads in an exciting new direction designed to make a huge impact on the floor. The name of the alias takes inspiration from a computer term meaning “a false address, a lack of a word” and that ambiguity informs the music.

Opener ‘Stages’ is post minimal techno with a focus on mind melting melodic riffs that ripple over the rooted drums. It is sci-fi in style with a hint of Detroit greats like Jeff Mills and really takes you into the future. The excellent ‘FMFMFM’ is another fluid bit of deep techno that is wired up with languid synths constantly wrapping and warping round the drums. Keeping up the pressure is ‘Lunch’, with a stripped back but impactful techno style built on rubbery kicks and with modulated synth lines constantly shapeshifting throughout the mix. Direct but dynamic, it is excellently timeless techno that leads on to closer ‘ACD RDFN’. There is urgency, paranoia and cyber tension in this one that really keeps you locked as it journeys deep into a blackened yet cinematic cosmic abyss.

Following on from great press for the first two releases on this label, the third EP from Art of Memory is another vital offering. In occasion of the special release, 6AM took the opportunity to ask Nico to share his 5 favorite tracks… ever!

1. Millsart – Capricorn

I bought this record when I was in San Francisco and I ended up listening to this all day.

2. Robert Hood – Minus

During the mixing of the tracks of AOM 003 I was listening to a lot of Robert Hood tracks and was impressed with how he developed this concept of minimal techno in the early nineties.

This one is from the Internal Empire album which is amazing.

3. Mika Vainio – Stratostaatti

The minimal master, nothing further needs to be said.

4. Philus – Ionit

This is another project from Mika Vainio on the Sahko label from Finland. The finest minimal techno I have heard.

5. Sleeparchive – Elephant Island

A mixture of so many influences all brought together, this is a definite favourite but I really like so many of his tracks.

AOM003 Track Listing:

1. Stages
3. Lunch

AOM003 by NOSUCHKEY is out April 23rd, and available HERE and HERE