New York Lifts Restrictions & California Announces Digital Vaccination Record

California digital vaccination record
Author : Matt Draper
June 18, 2021

New York Lifts Restrictions & California Announces Digital Vaccination Record

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that all COVID-related restrictions will be immediately lifted statewide now that 70% of New Yorkers over the age of 18 have received at least 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. While on the opposite coast, California introduces a digital vaccination record. What does this mean for the events world?

During his announcement Gov. Cuomo stated “”What New York has done is extraordinary. Not only do we have the lowest COVID positivity rate in the United States of America, we have hit 70 percent vaccination ahead of schedule. We successfully deployed the weapon that will win the war, and New York led the nation”

While the government will no longer require businesses to maintain social distancing, capacity limits, health screening and cleaning/disinfection protocols; businesses such as retail, food services, offices, gyms, salons and barber shops as well as other commercial settings are free to continue to implement these measures as they see fit.

COVID restrictions do still remain in effect for large-scale indoor events and venues, which has been defined as 5,000 or more attendees. Although proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test can be used as a way to eliminate social distancing and masks for vaccinated individuals.

Unvaccinated individuals will still be required to wear masks in all settings in accordance with the federal CDC guidelines.

On the other side of the country, the California Department of Public Health and California Department of Technology has announced a digital COVID 19 vaccination record. The digital record has all the same information as the paper card and will have a QR code. This will make it easier for businesses and events to verify customers’ and attendees’ vaccination status upon entry. “If one of the state’s nearly 20 million vaccinated Californians misplaces their paper card, the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record provides a convenient backup,” California State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan said in a prepared statement.

Following a drop in COVID-19 cases, California lifted a slew of pandemic-related restrictions proving sweet news for event organizers and locals who are ready to savor the flavors of live music. Visit for more information. California’s new digital system could just be the extra resources businesses and other public places need in order to take the first step toward “mega” sized indoor events.