A New York and LA DJ School Is Allegedly Ripping Off Students

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 16, 2017

A New York and LA DJ School Is Allegedly Ripping Off Students

Without discussing the merits and needs of a DJ school in the first place, reports coming out of New York City are alerting of the unsavory business practices of DJ school Dubspot.

According to the reports cited by Thump, a total of fifty-five students are alleging to having been ripped off by the school after paying money for tuition and classes. The e-mails collected by Thump paint a clear pictures of disorganization and financial misdoings. In particular, students are claiming instances of negligible communication, regular class rescheduling and successive teacher absences, all without refunds. On the other hand, teachers allege that they did not show up to teach as they were not paid for the service.

Nina Braith personally visited a New York Dubspot in April after she paid $4396 for an Ableton Live Producer Certificate class and heard nothing back after a month. “The school was a mess. There was hardly any equipment there anymore and I was offended by a guy who was [at the school], and rudely asked me to leave,” she told Thump.

Despite both Dubspot locations, one in NYC and one in LA, have been shuttered, they are still registering students and accepting payments. Thump reports: “online support and admissions employees were still collecting fees from students eager to sign up for courses. Dubspot’s online school, which offers remote learning, still appears to be taking reservations for classes. The company’s social accounts are also still functioning, with no mention of the closed locations or canceled classes.”

No formal announcement of the location closures has been made by the company. Dubspot, which was founded in 2006 by Dan Giove, is currently the subject of ongoing legal battle with students and staff who have taken their claims to court for amounts that go as high as $10,000.

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